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James Coyne Writes Script for TREASURE ISLAND


James Coyne’s script for Treasure Island has been picked up by Warner Bros.

The film will be a new adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel. It is the story of Jim Hawkins, Doc Livesely, Captain Smollett, and their quest to find treasure. However, the crew that they go with are actually pirates planning to steal it all. Long John Silver, one of the pirates, is betrayed by the rest of his crew and teams up with Jim Hawkins to survive.

In 2013 Coyne wrote the script for Vikingdom, and is currently working on an adaptation of Rob Liefeld’s graphic novel Avengalyne for Gina Carano and Scott Karp.

Chris Terrio wrote the original script for the film, then John Zinman and Patrick Massett wrote a draft, and Guy Ritchie picked it up from there. Now that Warner Bros. has added Coyne’s script to the other drafts, they are much closer to pinning down the film and starting production.


Alley Ulrich

Alley Ulrich is a student at the University of Kansas majoring in Film and Media Studies and History. She likes reading, looking at pictures of rabbits, and the color blue. Fell in love with science fiction after watching PACIFIC RIM.

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