August is Book Month here at SciFi4Me!

Keep an eye out for new book reviews in Reviews4Me. Then check out our Free4Me Library where we will release more classic literature as well as several classic non-fiction titles and the next classic Astounding Stories.

But that’s just the tip of the literary iceberg!

All this month, LIVE FROM THE BUNKER will feature interviews with many prominent and upcoming authors, and you won’t want to miss a minute of it!

We start with an introduction to Book Month on Monday’s show… we’ll be talking with authors, editors, and various people involved in bringing science fiction and fantasy books to their audiences.

Then on Tuesday, author Rhonda Eudaly of the speculative fiction book Four Redheads of the Apocalypse, will join us to talk about her next book.

Wednesday’s plans are still in the works (shh!), so stay tuned for updates on our homepage, Facebook, and Twitter! (You are following us, aren’t you?)

Thursday brings us not only our weekly Convention Weather Forecast but special guest Jeffrey S Fellin.  Jeffrey has recorded many audio books and will tell us more about the process and methods involved.

That’s just the start of Book Month!

Are you ready for our other special guests? How about these great authors!

Thomas K Carpenter, best selling alternate history and steampunk author

Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward of Star Trek: Seekers

Greg Cox – editor at Tor, award-winning author of tie-in novels for Star Trek, Leverage, Warehouse 13, Alias, and more

Lisa JensenAlias Hook

Jason P HuntThe Hero at the End of His Rope

Kevin J Anderson & Brian Herbert Hellhole: Inferno, authors of the Dune books

Ellen Datlow, Hugo award-winning editor, OMNI and SciFiction

We have other interviews in the works… stay tuned! Don’t want to miss your favorite authors? Follow us on BlogTalk Radio!



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Heather French

Heather French is a 2nd generation geek who grew up STAR WARS in a STAR TREK family. A graduate from UNT with a degree in Film/ TV, she worked MARS ATTACKS, SCREAM, CSI, and STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE. She currently freelances and spends her free time with dogs and cats who do not judge her sci-fi/ fantasy indulgences...

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