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Ice-T: From NYC Cop to Prohibition Era Vampire in BLOODRUNNERS

[All images courtesy Dan Lantz]


Maybe you saw Ben Affleck’s 2016 Oscar contender turned megaflop Live By Night and thought “what this movie needs is vampires!” Or, rewatching From Dusk Til Dawn (1996) for the umpteenth time you wondered, “wouldn’t it be neat if this story of some criminals and a minister fighting vampires was set in Prohibition-era America?” Perhaps an SVU: Special Victims Unit rerun prompted you to think – “hey, Ice-T would be fantastic as a vampire gangster criminal mastermind!”

If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind – or even if they haven’t – Bloodrunners may be the horror movie for you.


Our Fearless Vampire Hunters would rather be dealing with Al Capone right now.


This story of “a turf war between a crooked cop and a power-hungry vampire over a small town soaked in illegal hooch during the height of Prohibition” is set for release March 7 on Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack (through Amazon and the movie’s official site. If streaming’s more your thing, it’ll also be available on iTunes, Steam, Google Play, Xbox and cable.


Ice-T as a ruthless vampire bootlegger against crooked small town cops? I’m intrigued.


Genre fans know that even the most outlandish concepts (cough Sharknado cough) can turn out to be entertaining viewing experiences. Placing a classic horror movie character type in a historical setting? Worked pretty well for Interview with the Vampire. And pitting an “evil” supernatural character against a group of scummy humans creates an interesting “who do I want to see win” situation (done to perfection in From Dusk Til Dawn).

On March 7, you can check out this vampires gansters versus crooked cops horror/history mashup. If getting fans interesting is half the battle, Bloodrunners may be on the right track.


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