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Haven Season Three Ends With the World (UPDATED)


UPDATE: As a reader pointed out in the comments (gold star to you, sir!), Haven’s third season finale will not be airing this Friday. Instead, it will air January 17th (long after Doomsday) alongside the December 14th episode that was pulled in the wake of last Friday’s shootings. Sorry for the error. Continue reading about the plot of the finale below, as well as, Haven‘s strong ratings.



Haven wraps up its third season this Friday, December 21st (the end of the world, for those adhering to the Mayan calendar) and it sounds as though it will also go out with a bang! From the press release:

…Audrey (Emily Rose), Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour) square off against the Bolt Gun Killer – and  Audrey’s own life-threatening fate.

In this conclusion of her two-episode story arc, guest star Laura Vandervoort (Smallvillle) plays a woman driven to the brink of madness by love.

With all of the mysteries Audrey has been investigating—the Bolt Gun Killer, the search for her son, The Guard and her own past in Haven—converging at the same place and time, Audrey must face hard truths and make a terrible decision  as the very existence of Haven hangs in the balance.

The little show that could has continued to perform admirably for Syfy, bringing in strong numbers throughout this season and ensuring a fourth for the citizens of Haven. As Syfy reports:

Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour; image courtesy of Syfy
Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour; image courtesy of Syfy

Haven is enjoying its best season ever among Adults 25-54 averaging 1.2 million viewers (based on Live +7 data), will return in 2013 for a fourth season of 13  all-new episodes.  Building upon last season’s successful Twitter integration, Haven continues to maintain a strong social footprint through the creation of custom content for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube while driving social discussion with a hidden #escapetohaven hashtags throughout each episode.

Haven is one of the better representatives of the re-branded Syfy (formerly SciFi) Channel’s shift from more traditional science fiction to paranormal/strange. A strong central cast, solid writing and a great balance between flavor-of-the-week stories and longer-running character arcs all work together to make Haven more than the sum of its parts. Do not let the recent CW-style adds fool you; it is definitely worth a watch if you have not given it a chance yet. If we are all still here, be sure to tune in!

As for the die-hard sci-fi fans out there, fear not. Defiance and Continuum are set to launch next year and promise to be a return to the realm of sci-fi!

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