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Happy Birthday, @WilW!

In case you haven’t scrolled through The Geekly with a Twist yet today, I’ll restate it: we here at SciFi4Me wanted to wish Mr. Wil Wheaton an extra special birthday!

Now, some of you may ask: why is this man so special?  Well, aside from my longtime crush on Wesley Crusher, the answer is not so simple…and thus, I shall demonstrate!

First off, he is an actor…and as an actor, he is noted for the character he plays.  Behold!  Here follows highlights!

As Fawkes from The Guild…note the kilt and leather jacket.

Fawkes, the guild leader of rival guild Axis of Anarchy, has a complicated love affair with Codex in the fourth season of The Guild.

As Wil Wheaton on The Big Bang Theory

On The Big Bang Theory, he plays a delightfully evil version of himself…friend to the comic book store and nemesis of Sheldon Cooper.

As Dr. Isaac Parrish on Eureka (Photo Courtesy SyFy)

In Eureka, he the head of the Non-Lethal Weapons Department and a general thorn in Douglas Fargo’s side.  I love siding with an archenemy Wheaton.

As Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: Next Generation, Wil Wheaton gained insta-geek icon status (and, as a teenage boy, found himself adored by geeky girls).

Second, Mr. Wheaton is noted as a writer/blogger/social media guru.

You can find his books (featuring titles such as Just a Geek and Clash of the Geeks) at his goodreads author page.

You can follow his awesome blog, WWdN: In Exile for everything from geeky reminiscence to stupid cell phone videos.


You can follow his tweets @WilW and learn awesome geek news.  Also, his cat is occasionally hilarious.

You can also +1 him on Google Plus (while you’re at it, +1 your favorite Lush!).

And lastly, he’s an old-school nerd.

Have you SEEN his bookshelf?

Then there was this episode at GenCon…let’s just say he walked away with some presents.


And then, even still, there’s an entire line of clothing developed by the man over at J!NX!

Of course, though some of you fall prey to the uncertainty of Wil Wheaton’s amazing coolness, let I just say this:

OMG! (Photo Courtesy Nathan Fillion)

Seriously, happy birthday Wil Wheaton!

(All photos courtesy Wil Wheaton’s Flickr Photostream unless otherwise noted.)

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