H2O #147: In Which We Discuss the New DUNE


This week, we got the news that The Arrival director Denis Villeneuve — who also happens to be directing Blade Runner 2049 — will take the helm of the new Dune project that we first learned about back in November.

Frank Herbert’s seminal work has been adapted before, with mixed results. Herbert’s son Brian, along with Kevin J. Anderson, have carried on the Dune saga with various prequels and sequels based on Herbert’s notes, but they’ve also seen mixed reaction. Both Herbert the Younger and Anderson are involved in the project, so it’s likely to be as faithful to the source material as any could be. But Dune is a hefty challenge, with its political, economic, and religious themes key elements in the structure of the story.

How tough is this going to be to present a Dune that’s actually… Dune?

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