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GRIMM Is Child's Play


3.06 “Stories We Tell Our Young”


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This is an exciting episode. I hope everyone enjoyed it. We have a great mix of continuing story lines and a new and complicated case.

Is the Tahiti tourism board paying television writers? In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tahiti is called a magical place over and over. This week Sean Renard heads to Vienna and leaves Hank and Nick with instructions that if any one asks where he is they are to say he’s having a wonderful time in Tahiti. Is this really just a coincidence?

Grimm - Season 3

Here’s my short take on what happened this week. Parents bring their son to the church for an exorcism. It goes badly; the son, Daniel, morphs into a demon looking child and attacks both the priest who dies and the seminary student who is injured. Nick sees the boy transform in the hospital but has no idea what the boy is. It turns out it’s an infection of a rare protozoa that Daniel contracted on a family vacation to Jordon. Interestingly, the Grimm and Wesen world have a history of dealing with this condition. Not surprisingly the solution has always been to kill the infected child.

But this kid is lucky, as he has Nick and Juliette on his side. They get the protozoa to exit Daniel’s body when his body temperature drops. A tricky detail is that the Wesen Council was contacted and they sent a powerful Wesen operative to dispatch the child. I think this is the first time Nick is writing his own chapters in the books his ancestors handed down to him. He is doing things differently than any other Grimm has done. He may not realize it but he’s writing (or rewriting) history.

Grimm - Season 3

Sean Renard heads to Vienna; for what, it’s not entirely clear. It has to do with the supposed death of his half brother Eric and probably his knowledge of Adalind’s pregnancy. His story line is wonderful cloak and dagger stuff. There’s a scene with Sean and his bodyguard Meisner sleeping in a basement safe house and assassins come in. The scene was straight out of The Fellowship of the Ring. When the Ring Wraiths attack the beds that the Hobbits had just been sleeping in. This was the second time I squealed during the episode. The first time was when Renard mentioned Tahiti.

Grimm - Season 3

Anyway, Renard is now aware that he really can’t trust much of anyone. I’m excited to see more of this story. And of course, we have Adalind in the same country. She’s summoned to “the house”. We see her side of meeting the new prince. It’s hard to read her face to tell much about her first impression of the prince. I say it again. I don’t think Eric is dead. I think everyone is to think he’s dead but he’s way too slippery to be taken out that easily.

Grimm - Season 3

This week’s case pits Rosalee and Monroe against each other with their respective feelings of duty. We’ve seen before that Rosalee has a connection with the Wesen Council. I believe it’s a connection passed down through her family. She takes her position of representing and protecting the Wesen community very seriously. As she should and we expect nothing less of the Rosalle we’ve come to know. But this week the perceived threat is from a young boy. Things are always harder when a child’s life is at stake. Even on Grimm where the call to kill or not to kill someone has been made repeatedly, this time it’s given much more consideration. So while Rosalee fulfills her responsibility and informs the Wesen Council, Monroe informs Nick and they both hope that there is another solution. Of course it all ends well with the invading protozoa fleeing Daniel’s cooling body when he suffers hypothermia. The Wesen Council operative is released and lives to report back to De Groot of the Wesen Council who sent Alexander.

Grimm - Season 3

At the end of the episode when the operative, Alexander, returns to De Groot, he hands over the the medical reports that Nick gave him. De Groot concedes that Nick is a different sort of Grimm. He also appoints Alexander to monitor both the boy and Nick. Interesting. Now Nick has someone else checking up on him. I’m going to guess that this means we’ll see more of Alexander and he may even become part of team Nick.

Next week is a two hour fall finale. It looks like there is a lot of story to cover based on the promo. I for one am really happy they’re bringing Krampus to Grimm. I’m not thrilled with the what I saw in the promo of Krampus but I’ll withhold judgement till I see it. I was hoping for more of Monroe’s parents. When will we get to see them? Maybe a new year’s present?

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