Dustin and Molly: Twi-hards

On Saturday November 19, the “Reviews for Humans” duo set out to watch all the Twilight films, including the latest, Breaking Dawn Part 1.  I went over to Dustin’s place donning my Alice Cullen replica necklace and Twilight saga books in tow, for a day of Bella, Edward and (sigh) Jacob.   We set up a “confession” cam, and live-tweeted such comments as, “Oh gross. Taylor Lautner pleading for Bella to stay, is as hard to watch as footage of a Missouri puppy mill.  #twilightathon“.  Watch Dustin and I moan, and listen to me share my conflicting feelings on the phenomenon that is….Twilight.



You can find all of the “Reviews for Humans” at our YouTube channel.

Molly Montgomery

Molly Montgomery was introduced to genre film by her dad as a kid -- if it was "Forbidden Planet" or Tod Browning's "Freaks", she can't remember which was first. She began her love affair with Vampires at age 11, and at age 12 she stopped sunbathing. A background in theater, filmmaking and sitting on her tush makes her a fairly knowledgeable nerd.

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