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DRACULA — Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me


Episode 110 “Let There Be Light”


Previously on Dracula, Jonathan slept with Lucy, Mina found out, they broke up, Dracula killed a bunch of people, the demonstration is happening and Lady Jayne is on Dracula’s case, not suspecting Grayson might be him, Jonathan killed Davenport and turned on Grayson, and Dracula turned Lucy into a vampire.


And now, let’s dig in.

The demonstration of the wireless electricity of the future is coming tonight. And Mina has been invited. Dracula looks at the portrait of Llona and then tends to business with Van Helsing and Renfield. Abraham admonishes Dracula from straying too far from the original plan. Then, Dracula turns the topic to the kidnapping of Browning’s children.

Jonathan is visited by Mina and she tries to give the cross necklace back to him. He tells her how bad Grayson is and makes her swear she doesn’t love him. She of course can’t do that.

Renfield and Grayson roll up into the town square to conduct the demonstration that will change the world. Kowalski is back at work. Grayson asks Renfield about Harker.

Loiza Scevarra is in the picture and he visits the Huntsmen. He will use the relic to locate Dracula. Lady Jayne unites her army against “the fell one and his spawn.” Jayne has her Huntsmen decapitate and burn a few vampires. Two flares bring word of their kills to Jayne and they all celebrate. Meanwhile, Dracula knows “death is coming”. Harker brings by some photographers from the Times to take pictures of the resonator and Dracula lets them. Harker feigns weakness and Dracula tells him to keep it together. Then, he instructs Renfield to find Van Helsing.

“It’s smaller than I thought it would be.”

On to Browning who visits his wife. She’s very distraught about the children being ransomed and rightly blames him for it. A package arrives and the contents are one of the fingers of the kids. Van Helsing means business, guys.

Van Helsing is full-on mad now. He destroys his lab and when Renfield asks what’s going on, he stabs him. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!! You killed Renfield!!!!  Then, he says, “Grayson will never walk in sunlight again.”

In the press conference before the demonstration, Dracula is grilled by the journalists including Jonathan’s friend Zsabo. Zsabo asks what he thinks Edison’s reaction would be to his technology. Dracula says since he didn’t invest in the company, he’d be “gravely disappointed.” Then, when someone asks him what he has to say to the thousands of petroleum workers that will be out of work as a result of his wireless technology, he responds, “I’m hiring.”

“This is MY moment, dammit!”

Jonathan and his “photographers” are almost caught by Kowalski, who finds them at the resonator. They’ve set up the machine to explode and Jonathan finally realizes what a bad idea that is. But it’s too late to stop it. He starts to search for Mina, who is set to arrive at any moment. Here she comes. She gets out of the carriage and readies herself for the show.

Browning comes to the cabin with the money for his children and is met by Abraham. He retrieves Browning’s gun and asks if he recognizes him. He explains that Browning slaughtered his family and calls him a monster worse than Dracula. Abraham then releases the trap door and Browning falls down into the pit. Abraham throws his money down with him. Browning sees his children, who are acting kind of creepy. Turns out they’re vampires and they feed on Browning. You do not want to anger Van Helsing!!!! He made the children feed on Dracula’s blood and now they’re little patricidal monsters. Crazy!! This episode is so crazy!!! Whoa.

Back to the big demonstration. Jonathan is still searching for Mina. Grayson takes the stage to present his electricity to the crowd.

Lady Jayne uses her seer Loiza to track down Dracula at the demonstration and now she finally knows it’s Grayson!!!! Big episode, guys! This is it! So exciting! Showdown!!!

She heads out to take down the old one. Jonathan finds Mina and tries to keep her out of harm’s way. The lights go on and everyone rejoices. Then, Mina tells Grayson to stop the show and the machines malfunction. Mina turns on an alarm and Grayson confronts Harker. Harker takes Mina and everyone else shuffles out. Grayson is beside himself. This was not the plan. There’s a huge explosion and all I want to know is where Lucy is. That’s all I care about right now.

“We’re still having sex later, right?”

Anyway, after the explosion, Mina admonishes Jonathan for his hand in this and it’s over with them for good. Jonathan notices his good friend Zsabo amongst the rubble. I guess he’s dead. OK.

Meanwhile, Lady Jayne is on the scene and soon finds herself face to face with her former lover — and now enemy — Dracula. I don’t know why she’s alone. I guess because the writers wanted to make it impossible for her to come out alive. I think that’s pretty lazy. Anyway, he claims she’s always known who he was and tells her to be her own woman and live her life without him and the Huntsmen. Then, they fight. They fight as well as they do other things. He plays the love card, saying “I thought you loved me.” She replies “I lied.” She stabs him and he retaliates by impaling her. This is not how I wanted this to end at all. I’m very disappointed. He tells her something about darkness and yearning for light and she says he’s undead and can’t be with Mina. Then, she pleads for him to kill her and not to turn her. “You owe me that,” she says. And of course he does as she requests and that’s all she wrote. Poor Lady Jayne. Well, that was anticlimactic.

“When I said I like it rough, this wasn’t what I had in mind.”

Lucy is back! She’s with her mother in her house. And she kills her. Okay. That’s it? So Lucy, a newborn vampire just stays in bed all day and night hanging out with her mother when she’s thirsting for blood? Come on! She doesn’t go outside and troll for people not related to her to feed on? There were a lot of things wrong with this episode but the laziness in the writing of Lucy’s transition takes the cake.

Then, the ending we all saw coming. Mina turns up at Carfax Manor and Grayson holds her in his arms, with blood on his hands. He reveals more about Llona and kisses her and I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Cue the obligatory sex scene with absolutely no chemistry. I’m bored.

Back to Abraham who is looking at his cross-knives. Harker stops by, asking about Grayson. Then, Abraham tells him his name is Dracula and that is it.

“Maybe I’M the villain.”

Well, some of that was awesome like the explosion and Van Helsing being so mad, but most of it just felt forced and a little out of character. I didn’t like how brief the Jayne/Dracula fight was at the end. Everything felt rushed and shoddily put together. It was very disappointing but overall, it was a really good show and its highs outweigh its lows.

The only thing I cannot abide is the possible death of Renfield. That was uncalled for. I don’t care what happened in the book or movie or whatever. This Renfield should never die. He was the best character on this show by far. I guess since it’s probably not coming back, they felt they had to wrap everything up. But that did not have to happen. If anyone deserved to come out unscathed, it’s Renfield. In fact, I want a spin-off.

Anyway, now that it’s done, what do you guys think about the ending? Satisfied? Dissatisfied? Let me know in the comments.

And for the last time…BITE ME.


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