GRIMM -- "Wesen Nacht" Episode 506 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)
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Don’t Be GRIMM. She’s Baaaack!


Episode 506 “Wesen Nacht”

[Photos:  Scott Green/NBC]

Six episodes in and Grimm will be off till late January. That’s hardly enough time to really get the groove going. But Grimm has established a different tone this season. I’m not sure I’d say it’s much darker or edgier. I don’t think this show should go darker and edgier. Grimm has been able to build a world that has dark Wesen and friendship between different type “people”.

Kind of like if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I’d describe the new tone by the lax way that Nick and even Renard are letting others know what they are. Remember how in past seasons Nick was careful to not let Wesen know he was a Grimm? Well, now it’s his standard routine to start his investigative interviews with, I’m a Grimm and I know you’re Wesen. How is broadcasting that he’s a Grimm a good thing for him or anyone that knows him?


Maybe Nick’s new routine of announcing he’s a Grimm is due in part to the loss of Aunt Marie’s trailer. For all the previous seasons the trailer was the standard way of solving his Wesen cases. Now he doesn’t have that resource, he uses all the finesse of a bull in a china shop.

GRIMM -- "Wesen Nacht" Episode 506 -- Pictured: Robert Clendenin as Xavier Arivaca -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

The police case this week tied directly to the whole Wesen uprising storyline. The Occultatum Libera mounted a coordinated attack on specific Wesen addresses. Portland wasn’t the only city hit. However, in Portland they killed one shop keeper and abducted another one. Xavier is the perfect mark for the group to abduct. He wasn’t a strong or fierce Wesen. They had a picture of Monroe and probably tortured him to gain his compliance. I don’t know what sort of Wesen he was. Here’s the best image I could find of him.

(Photo: Chicago Now)

True, this is a picture of a fish. But admit it, it looks a lot like Xavier when he woged.

Xavier was released by the Wesen gang and he set up the rest of the gang to walk into a trap. Only the Wesen gang got the worst of it. While our group of Nick, Hank, Wu, Renard and Monroe managed to back into an interior room in the warehouse someone or something outside the room took out nearly all their attackers.

When the noise subsides, Nick ventured out to find bodies lying around. The leader came out of the shadows and attacked Nick but just as he’s about to dispatch Nick a force sent the bad guy flying upward and crashing back down to his death. As Nick’s savior was leaving, her face appeared in a shaft of light. Nick breathed what he thought her name to be, “Juliette”.

When Grimm returns January 22, we’ll learn her name is now Eve. David Greenwalt gave his word that Juliette was dead after last season. They knew they wanted Bitsie Tulloch to return to the show. So, they came up with a sort of new character for her. The premise is that the group that Chavez (and now Trubel) works for, Hadrian’s Wall, took her, broke her down and then rebuilt her into this super Hexenbiest. What she remembers of her previous life, we will have to wait till January to find out.

GRIMM -- "Wesen Nacht" Episode 506 -- Pictured: Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Continuing the political storyline, Renard did a video spot supporting mayoral candidate, Andrew Dixon. The Andrew Dixon storyline had better payoff. They’ve been setting it up for the last few weeks. If it’s not Wesen related, I’ll be disappointed.

GRIMM -- "Wesen Nacht" Episode 506 -- Pictured: (l-r) Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade, Jacqueline Toboni as Trubel -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Another bit of story going on: Trubel and Adalind had a brief get to know you session. The words that were said may not be as important as the subtext of what’s not being said. Particularly how Adalind stumbles for words when Trubel point blank asked if she was in love with Nick. Let the record show, I don’t want them to be a romantic item. There is no basis, except for proximity, for them to become a couple. Their whole history has been about the back and forth battle they’ve had. Adalind needs something more interesting for her character to do than caring for her baby. But, not becoming gushy with Nick. Please don’t go there.

“Wesen Nacht” was all about the last few minutes of the episode in my book. This week was personal. I’ve been saying since last May that Juliette was not dead. This week proved me right. Thank you, Grimm, I’ll take that for my Christmas present.



Maia Ades

Maia Ades resented the demanding schedule of first grade, as it interfered with her afternoon TV schedule. Now she watches TV for "research" and in order to write show reviews. She is currently involved in independent film production, and enjoys creating fine art.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Be GRIMM. She’s Baaaack!

  • The opening scene is also like this from history > the night of broken glass “kristallnacht”

  • You’re right. In fact that is probably what they were referencing. I didn’t think of that. Thanks for pointing it out. I guess I wanted a Christmas episode, so I was trying to make a connection there. But the historical one is much more relevant to what’s going on in the GRIMM world.

  • You sure called it! Love the fish picture, too.

    • Thanks. I just thought it made enough convoluted sense that it might be what the writers came up with. And actually, Kammie found the fish image.

  • Oh, yeah, the first thing I thought of while watching was Kristallnacht. And can I just say I don’t actually LIKE Juliette (and I haven’t since day 1, and we won’t even talk about season 2), so I was actually totally bummed to see whatever version of her this is.

    • You’re not alone in your dislike of Juliette. I’ve read the same sentiment from many online. Perhaps Eve will be a fun departure from what Juliette was. I did always appreciate that despite her not being a Grimm, she always handled herself when in danger.

  • Ugh…. If Juliette is actually coming back I’m so done with this show…. She has the personality of a jellyfish and the attitude of a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum for not getting her way 24/7…. She is by far the worst character on the show and simply needs to just be gone already…


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