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Blumhouse, Syfy, And Kevin Bacon Resurrect TREMORS

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Graboid fans, rejoice!


Blumhouse and Syfy are teaming up to bring the Western-Comedy-Horror franchise Tremors back to television. And better yet, Kevin Bacon’s part of the deal.

The Syfy pilot will be directed by Vincenco Natali and written by Andrew Miller. Both names should be familiar to horror fans; Miller wrote Natali’s 1997 movie directing debut Cube. Along with multiple television directing gigs, Natali’s horror credits include 2009’s (underrated) Splice starring Adrien Brody and the (even more underrated) 2013 Abigail Breslin feature Haunter.

Tremors started out as a 1990 feature directed by Ron Underwood, with Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross, and Reba McIntire. The combination of humor, practical monster effects, a unique Western setting helped keep the saga of Perfection, Nevada alive through (at last count) four direct to video sequels/prequels, a 2003 Syfy series, and one video game.

According to, the story picks up 25 years after the events of the 1990 film. Bacon’s Valentine McKee, well past his monster fighting glory days, is once again the only thing standing between the townsfolk of Perfection and their subterranean tormentors.

Hey, if the humor/horror/fighting evil formula works for Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz …


2 thoughts on “Blumhouse, Syfy, And Kevin Bacon Resurrect TREMORS

  • My feelings about this are so mixed, I loved the original. It was funny and clever. Everything after that went downhill. The series was awful. But I don’t think anything after the first movie had Kevin Bacon.

  • According to what I found, you’re right. So Bacon’s involvement may be a good sign. I loved Splice & Haunter, so they’ve got a talented director/writer team on board.


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