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BEAUTY & THE BEAST: With All Means Possible, Oh, The Possibilities!

Episode 115: “Any Means Possible”


[Photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW]

Last week’s episode of B&TB can best be summarized as follows: heavy-duty make-out session between Cat and Vincent (clothes on), some stuff happens, heavy-duty make-out session between Cat and Vincent (with only classic strategically placed sheets on). Okay, okay, the stuff in between is worth a mention, so I’ll go ahead and give it a review, but can we all agree that the show was fun this week because we finally got final payment for our patience?

The episode begins as already mentioned, Cat and Vincent are “starting up”, as Vincent calls it. Vincent has no problem throwing Cat around on the bed, given that she weighs all of about eighty pounds. As things amp up, Vincent reacts physiologically as he does when under stress: he begins to turn. Unable to get it under control, Vincent throws Catherine across the room, then slowly advances menacingly as she holds a trembling hand up in protest. Then, Vincent wakes up. How many of you guys believed for a second that Vincent was really attacking Catherine? Yeah, me neither!

Shaken by the dream, Vincent avoids Cat when she comes to visit. The “Whisky Tango Foxtrot” look on Cat’s face is priceless. After a workout, Cat complains to evil step-monster Brooke that Vincent won’t get naked with her; in saunters good-looking shirtless guy. Once he realizes he’s in the wrong locker room (breast cancer posters pretty much cleared that right up), he mentions any guy passing on the chance to get naked with Cat is crazy. Hey, I’m a straight girl, and I’m not sure I’d pass on the chance. In response to half-naked guy’s pep talk, Cat does this one-eyed eye roll, another awesome facial expression. I enjoy seeing Kristin Kreuk’s less goody-two-shoe emotions.


Shortly after, Bishop introduces half-naked guy as the new assistant district attorney Gabe Lowan to Cat and Tess. Apparently, the new ADA isn’t too worried about inappropriate behavior in the workplace, because when he meets Cat, he’s wearing a s***-eating grin that says, “Oh yeah, I said that in the locker room.” Official reason for his joining the team? Investigating why the vigilante killer hasn’t been caught yet. Accordingly, Gabe singles out Tess and he asks after Bishop’s capability to handle the job and why Tess put in for a transfer. Tess may still be angry at Cat and wounded by Bishop, but she keeps her mouth shut. Good girl.

Cat runs to Vincent to warn him of the new focus on the case against him. They strategize that all they gotta do is find the guy that got away before Vincent killed Darius and somehow convince him to testify that the vigilante killer was killing for good and not evil. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how the writers were going to make that little piece of TV magic seem credible. During the discussion, as Vincent continues to pull away, Cat confronts him and he confesses that two years previously, he was with a woman that way, the adrenaline kicked in, and he changed, thereby endangering that woman’s life.

Given the risk, they decide to focus on finding the unknown assailant. After some joint sleuthing, they hone in on Ray Sheckman, a portfolio manager who’s also been investigated for loansharking. His scheduled appearance at a museum gala that night is the perfect excuse to put Jay Ryan in a tux (pardon me, had a little drool there) and Kristin Kreuk in a gorgeous wine-colored dress that most of us viewers could wear…around one thigh. The gala also is the perfect venue for Cat’s character to do a slow-motion entrance down the winding staircase during which Vincent unmasks so he can fully drink in the beauty of his lady love as she descends.


Cat’s all business when she sees their bad guy at the gala. She flirts with him, leads him off to a closed gallery, Vincent attacks (with control), puts the fear of God in him, and Ray makes a beeline for ADA Lowan, also conveniently at the party. Ray tells the truth, but demands immunity. Bing bang boom, problem solved.

With only one thing left to do, Cat lingers in front of Vincent, giving him the opportunity to step in. He almost screws it up, but he gives in to the moment and lays another swoony smooch on the lovely Ms. C. Believe me, it had all the right stuff, and Cat looked appropriately dazed after, but I was distracted by Jay Ryan’s black thumb (literally, he had a black thumb). Jay, honey, please take care on your next home repair project. You’re killing my buzz.

Throughout the episode, the handsomest M.E. east of the Pecos is trying to insert himself into Muirfield. He keeps them apprised of the developments in the vigilante case, but Muirfield isn’t interested in bringing him onto the team. When bad guy Ray ends up dead, Muirfield assumes that Evan handled it; Evan’s bumped up as a member of their ranks. Did you recognize Muirfield guy as Edi Gathegi from Twilight and X-Men: First Class?

ADA Lowan assesses Cat as a cop who values justice and her people more than something as inconvenient as the law, so Cat’s now part of a special task force to find the vigilante. In fairness, it’s Cat’s disregard of the rules that has kept Vincent out of hot water to date, so I can’t really judge too much. I do admit to concerns about a whole entire team assembled based on that criteria. I know why Bishop is out for blood. What’s Lowan’s agenda (other than smoldering up the screen)?


The final scene is a winner. After having successfully controlled himself under the influence during the Ray attack, Vincent and Cat hit the sheets to the awesome tune “We Are Stars” by The Pierces. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that men could live out their naughty fantasies with the chilliest of partners, if only they cued things up like Vincent does in this scene. Watch this scene, men, take notes, and reap the benefits. Oh yeah, Vincent, starts to change part-way through, but Cat just keeps kissing him; gives new meaning to the term bestiality. Oh, come on! You were all thinking it!

All right, next week, things predictably go to pot as the investigation heats up further. Nevertheless, I’m guessing the show’s producers all are more or less aware of what we want, and Cat and Vincent will get more face time, so to speak. Until then!


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13 thoughts on “BEAUTY & THE BEAST: With All Means Possible, Oh, The Possibilities!

  • As I’m writing from a awfully functioning smartphone, I’ll keep it short. I simply agree with eeeeeverything you said, I was eager to see Shirtless Indian guy since his Heroes days, our couple at the ball all dressed up was as good as hoped for and smoking hot in their alone time. You didn’t mention one thing though: the awesome funny comraderie of JT in his one liners about pencils ah ah ah

  • Even my 11YO (yes, I’m a bad parent I let her watch) giggled when J.T. said that he wouldn’t be back for HOURS! It’s always hard to keep these recaps to around 1000-1100 words and hit on everything that’s awesome…but you’re right. J.T. always has great lines! And his delivery is usually goofy goodness!

  • Me too, Eve, me too!

  • What a wonderful written sum up of the episode. l loved JT’s lines and all the romance and hotness.This shows gets better and better.The whole cast is hot but VinCat can’t be beat.Next week looks scary for our favorite couple.Enjoyed your article.

  • Denise, thank you so much; I appreciate your kindness. It still surprises me sometimes that I manage to amuse anyone other than myself!

  • What a great review. You had me laughing out loud at several passages. Thanks yo much for that 🙂
    Gotta say, I really really loved it too when Cat did this “one-eyed eye roll”. Truly “another awesome facial expression.”

    Also, as much as I feared Sandhil’s addition to the cast, I actually loved the storyline he brought into the show. His character raises so many questions , intriguing ones at that. I have a feeling he’ll turn out to be on Vincent’s and Catherine’s side at the end but don’t quote me on that. I might be completely off. I am not at all sure about who killed Ray Shakman. It was definitely suggested That Gabe might have something to do with it but I think we should expect a twist there as well.

    As far as the Vincent and the Catherine of it all goes, my non-romantic favorite scenes were Vincent in undercover mode using his “beastly” hearing ability for a good cause and Catherine and him taking down Ray Shakman together at the ball, with Catherine verbally and Vincent physically threatening the bad guy to clear Vincent’s name. How wonderful was it to see them partnering up like that? And how happy was I to see Vincent being able to control the beast?

    Very well written episode. And exquisitely performed by the two protagonists in particular. I absolutely agree with you concerning the final love scene. How beautiful and loving was that scene and how…intimate and real. This is an epic love story and the audience has to be able to feel the sincerity and the intensity of it all, and we do. Their story is told and acted in such a way that makes it completely believable and acutely real. Kudos to the writers and to Jay and Kristin who make every single kiss so epic that I’m reminded of such couples as Mr Rochester and Jane Eyre with whom they share the same urgency, depth and, may I add, purity.

    And another Kudos to the writers and to the CW for being brave enough not to play the worn “will-they-won’t-they” game all other shows seem to play until the audience actually doesn’t care anymore if they will. This aspect of keeping the Vincent&Catherine love story real together with the ever thickening plot makes Beauty and the Beast a sight for sore eyes in the TV landscape. Hopefully, the network will be smart enough to keep this show around for as long as it has all those great stories to tell…and there seem to be plenty.

  • Wow, Kali, you bring up so many good points…lots of stuff that I was thinking about but couldn’t explore as in depth as I’d like in the interest of brevity. I am totally with you on Sandhil; I love the moral ambiguity he brings and gracious, that man is beautiful. I’m on the fence as to whether he’s the one who took at Shenkman; he was the last one to see him, but then, BECAUSE he was the last one to see him, it also makes it too obvious, you know? And totally with you on the “will/won’t they?”…gets too boring after a while! As I was watching that final love scene repeatedly (for research purposes…ahem), I put myself in Kristin Kreuk’s position (all right, easy!). After you’re done filming a scene intertwined with that much man flesh, how do you just hear, “Cut!”, say “Hey Jimmy, throw me my robe, will you?”, and walk away like it’s no big deal? I know they’re “acting”; even if I were really trying hard to think about dead puppies the whole scene, not sure I could prevent a reaction. Also, they’re so convincing, it’s hard not to assume they’ve got something going on between them in their personal time. Wouldn’t blame them if something developed. Anyway, yes! Great stuff!

  • I thought the same thing about Jay Ryan’s thumb during the kiss scene! I totally missed the kiss the first time because I was so distracted. LOL.

  • Last week when I saw the new Episode Any Means Possible there was one thing I found and pointed out and that was the Black spot on Jay/Vincent’s right Thumb nail and I though that it was a beastie Birth mark or some thing. And while I was on Twitter I saw none of the fans point that one very interesting part out. So I guess I really do have very good eye when it comes to Beauty and the Beast 🙂

  • Crumbcake and Carole – I’m glad I’m not the only who noticed, I was worried (a little) that I was nitpicking. If you force yourself to ignore it, it’s a lovely scene!

  • Wooow nice to read so many opinions! Yes, I can understand brevity is a limit (I’m sometimes writing for a movie website, and it just kills me to abort some thoughts)… and sure I always wondered how some really believable and felt love scenes can leave the protagonists “indifferent”. Colin Firth said once “it’s hard to find it excting, no matter how gorgeous the partner is, when there are at least 20 people there with you, and the director telling you what to do, where to shine the light, etc etc”, still…… I mean. Did you look at them?

    (oh and I just saw the latest episode…. I love Tess, but argh!)

  • I can understand how everyone standing around watching would make it a little less titillating in real life. Great point, Angelica! But dang, they sure were convincing! I know, Tess, what were you thinking!? Don’t they train for that in Academy!?!?!?!?!?


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