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All Hail the King (of Reality Horror TV) – Bruce Campbell!

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To be sure, there are a few worlds that actor, raconteur, and all-around groovy dude Bruce Campbell has yet to conquer.

Nobel Laureate?



Bruce Campbell, Renaissance Man (Image courtesy Bruce Campbell Official Facebook page)

All worthy goals, to be sure. But “Horror-Themed Big Brother-esque Reality Television Show Host” may be the next item added to Mr. Campbell’s voluminous resume, according to Pitman Casting’s application form for an upcoming cable reality show.

As Pitman’s official application form puts it –

If you love horror, everything considered creepy crawly and wouldn’t be scared to spend a night in a haunted mansion or cursed woods, this project is for you!

Tell us all about yourself and why you love everything dark and gory!

[Image courtesy Pitman Casting]
When horror has taken on the “Reality Television” genre, the attitude has been a lot more series (and bloody). Movies like 2002’s My Little Eye (featuring future Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper), or Series 7 – The Contenders (2001) were straight-up horror. Hopefully this “Horror House” will combine Campbell’s bemused, irreverent approach to horror with the most creative members of horror fandom.

Deadline for entry is February 1, 2017, so no time to lose, Deadites!



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