VIRTUAL Con Update: Feb 6

Since the traditional convention can’t happen, here is your list of the future VIRTUAL cons. Links are active. New cons will be listed with a .



Capricon – Chicago, IL Feb 4-7

Boskone – Boston, MA Feb 12-14

Coastal Magic Convention – Daytona Beach, FL Feb 12-14

RadCon – Pasco, WA Feb 12-14

Fixion Fest – Santiago, Chile Feb 15-21

TotalCon – Marlborough, MA Feb 18-21

BlizzCon – Los Angeles, CA Feb 19-20

Long Island Retro Gaming Expo: UPLINK – Long Island, NY Feb 20-21

Anthro New England – Boston, MA Feb 25-28

Ai-Kon Winterfest – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Feb 27



Asalia Con – Irving, TX Mar 19

FilKONtario – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Mar 19-21

Zenkaikon – Lancaster, PA Mar 19-21

AnimeJapan – Tokyo, Japan Mar 27-28 

Fastaval – Hobro, Denmark Mar 30-Apr 5



Norwescon – SeaTac, WA Apr 1-4



SwampCon – Gainesville, FL May 1-2

Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 8-15

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Hailing Frequencies Open...

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