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TRUE BLOOD: Mr. Doggett Isn’t Burned Out Yet




Season 4, Episode 11: “Soul of Fire”

So last week Marnie was still holed up in the witches lair with Antonia still inside her. We also learned that Marnie was the one driving this crazy vendetta now and was more in control than Antonia. The vamps had been pushed to their limit and were prepared to blow the whole place up not knowing that Sookie was now inside.

Before Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica can unleash their weapons on the witches Jason intercedes with the news of Sookie now being in the line of fire. Without missing a beat both Eric and Bill quickly decide to stand down which leads to a great display of disgust from Pam about how Sookie is always screwing stuff up and the men are always fawning over her. She says some not so nice things about Sookie in the process causing Jason to get riled enough to forget they’re vamps and he gets in their face yelling at them. It was actually pretty funny.

In the meantime, Andy is still walking home from his talk/fight with Terry last week and has found himself lost and wandering through the woods in the middle of the night. Along the way he not only finds himself talking to himself but he believes he is also dilusional when he sees a ball of light appear and a beautiful woman pop out of it. Well, what do we have here, Andy? Yep. Another faerie. I thought we were done with those. I guess I was wrong. So wrong in fact that this faerie decides to make love to Andy right there in the woods. Normally I was assume this was the V talking and he imagined the whole thing but I’m thinking it really happened. To what purpose I have no idea. Like Andy we’ll have to wait until next week to see if he sees her again.

Sam and Alcide are still on the hunt for Marcus and getting nowhere with one of his goons. Luna then shows up looking for her daughter and together they all realize that Marcus has her. As luck would have it Emma calls her momma right then but doesn’t know where she is other than she is with daddy and some woman. Thankfully for Caller ID though. The number turns out to be Alcide’s and he’s not happy that Marcus is at his house. While they make their way there Debbie is busy telling Marcus that while she is really, really into him she can’t go away with him and Emma. How could she refuse such an offer?

While Luna gets Emma safely outside Sam and Alcide storm the bedroom where Debbie, sitting on the bed in her underwear, and Marcus are still discussing their possible future. Alcide is ticked to find Debbie with such scum behind his back and Sam is elated to finally have his nemesis cornered. He agrees to drop the gun and fight Marcus straight on. No shifting, no wolfing out. Alcide corners Debbie and acts as a referee to make sure the fight is fair. The upper hand goes back and forth but finally lies with Sam as he has the opportunity to kill Marcus but doesn’t take it. Instead he chooses to let him live with what he has done. Don’t people know that doesn’t do any good?

No sooner than he turns his back Marcus jumps up, grabs the gun and starts to shoot Sam in the back. Thankfully Alcide, being the good ref he is, takes action and subdues Marcus as the gun goes off causing him to miss his target. Alcide then proceeds to take Marcus down and finish what Sam started. Debbie just stands there horrified as Alcide kills him. Her horror isn’t over yet as Alcide then turns his anger towards her and gives her a great speech about denouncing her from his life. Cold and too the point. Very nice.

While Jason is showing Bill and company how Marnie’s protection spell works Marnie is dealing with her own issues. With everyone inside telling her they want to leave she ends up killing one of her disciples which ends up upsetting Antonia so much that she decides to leave Marnie’s body. Only Lafayette gets to see this display since he is a medium. He provides the play by play to everyone else while Marnie and Antonia argue about the merits of their undertaking. Finally Marnie casts a binding spell forcing Antonia back in. When Jesus hears this he knows they’re in deep trouble. Jesus then comes up with a plan. He convinces Marnie that the girl is still alive and he ask if she will let him help her. Seeing a chance to not be viewed as a murderer she quickly agrees. Jesus enlists Lafayette’s help in getting her to a back room where Lafayette realizes the girl is dead afterall. Duh, says Jesus. He’s going to use her to cast a spell to fight Marnie and save everyone.

While Jesus works on his own plan Bill decides to call Marnie out under the pretense of negotiating some sort of end to the standoff. Marnie is more than willing to play along and takes Sookie outside with her. Of course Bill is all sappy and ask her to spare her life. Sure, she says, if in exchange Bill and Eric will give up their own lives. And guess what? Always in competition with one another they both agree to end their own lives to save Sookie. This once again sets Pam off and she’s not about to sit back and watch her maker make a fool of himself by killing himself for a human. So she grabs a rocket launcher and shoots it at Marnie.

I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that in her anger she just forgot about the protective shield she just fired the missile into because of course it just explodes in front of them and knocks them all to the ground. In the process Jason got the worst of the blast. Jessica finds him laying back on the sidewalk all burned up and in a really bad way. Another big shocker here. She has him drink his blood to heal him from his wounds. Too predictable if you ask me. Eric is mad as hell as Pam now for risking Sookie’s life that way. He’s so mad that he demands that she leave his sight and now that this is the old Eric he surely means it and off Pam goes.

Marnie and Sookie return inside to once again form a circle to fight the vamps. She even convinces Sookie to join hands. Be patient though as you can see this one coming from a mile away. So the circle starts the chant and the spell they are casting is pulling the vamps outside towards the protection wall. They are all sliding slowly towards it like they’re battling high winds from a hurricane. A fresh, rejuvenated Jason is trying his best to grab Jessica and Bill and hold them back from certain death. As they get closer and closer to doom Jason shouts out in his mind to Sookie for help or they’re all going to die. Coming to their rescue a bolt of lights shoots out of Sookie’s hands and around the circle knocking everyone down and breaking the new spell and the protection spell. She really needs to figure out how to control these faerie powers so she could be more help.

Just then the spell that Jesus has been working on in the other room starts to take hold. His demon face comes out once again and he is able to draw Antonia out from Marnie and set them both free. Bill and Eric enter with machine guns ready to mow everyone down, except for Sookie of course. Sookie quickly explains that everyone there was held against their will except for the one clown who has stuck by Marnie from the beginning of all this. He boldly steps in front of Marnie and declares that they must go through him to get to her. Eric gladly accepts his invitation and removes his heart right from his chest and then sucks the blood right out of it in front of Marnie. He then returns next to Bill’s side and they unload their guns on her making her witch cheese. Nice.

Everyone is safe and sound and we get a preview of what’s to come in the epilogue when Jesus and Lafayette are finally at home in bed discussing their wild and crazy day. Lafayette assures Jesus that all is well and everything is going to be fine. Not. No sooner does Jesus close his eyes than Lafayette sees Marnie’s ghost floating over their bed. Before he can say a word Marnie jumps right in and takes over giving us her wild eyed look from Lafayette’s mug. I for one thought she was done but it looks like she’ll be back for another round next week.

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