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The STITCHERS Team Comes Together




S1E3 “Connection”

Looks like Kirsten is making a commitment with the Stitchers program. This week the team investigates the robbery and murder of Lily Ross.


Kirsten and Camille move Ed Clark’s belongings into their home, and Camille goes through one of the boxes. She finds a stereo and some photographs that Kirsten goes through, and finds a torn photograph showing Ed Clark and her mother, with the hint of a third person in the piece that’s torn out. When she confronts Maggie about the photograph, Maggie says she knows nothing about it.

The Stitchers team then finds out they have a new case, a young woman named Lily who was robbed and killed. She experienced damage to the head, so when Kirsten is stitched into her memories they skip around and are going by too fast for Kirsten to understand what is going on.

Fisher brings in the victim’s husband, Scott, and questions him. Kirsten becomes frustrated because he didn’t ask about anything from the stitch, and when Fisher leaves, Kirsten goes into the interrogation room. She feels a strong connection with the husband because of the stitch, and asks him questions that no one should know. The husband yells at Kirsten and Fisher gets her out of the room. Fisher and Cameron argue with Kirsten in an observation room. Cameron is concerned for Kirsten because she is feeling residual emotion from the stitch, and he and Kirsten get into another fight.


Kirsten is stitched into Lily’s memories again, and Cameron uses the program to slow the memories down so she’s able to pick out the face of a LA cab company, and when she is out of the stitch she goes to the hotel where Scott is staying. She talks to him, still very emotional and he becomes so angry at her that he says, “You’re not Lily, you’re not anyone!”

Kirsten goes back to the hotel lobby to find Cameron, and they decide to work together to find out who killed Lily. They buy and wear expensive jewelry to become targets, and the hotel clerk calls them a cab. The man who picks them up is the same one from the stitch, but when they get to the pier he drops them off and leaves.

While this is happening, Camille and Linus awkwardly flirt with each other, and they finish hooking up Clark’s stereo…which leads to them hooking up with each other.

Back at the pier, a man holds them at gunpoint and demands their jewelry. Kirsten starts questioning the man with the gun, and just when you think he’s going to kill both of them, Cameron knocks him out with a bucket and the police arrive.

The Stitchers team has solved a new case, and is happy about their success. The scene then goes to Maggie sitting in her office, holding the photograph, and she pulls the other half of the photograph out her desk and holds them up next to each other. She is the other woman in the photograph, and on the back of both pieces is written “remember.”

The last scene is of Marta, lying in the hospital bed…and she wakes up.


The technology the Stitchers team is using is becoming much more sophisticated. Cameron was able to slow down the memories of a victim who experienced blunt force to the head, which helped Kirsten piece together what happened the day of the murder. It’s going to be interesting to see what they’ll be able to do with the memories by the end of the season, and if it’ll affect Kirsten in any way.

This week Maggie Baptiste becomes even more mysterious than she was before. The photograph suggests that she was good friends with Ed Clark and Kirsten’s mother. The photograph also has “remember” written on the back, which is even more mysterious. I’m left questioning whether Maggie had something to do with Ed Clark’s suicide, and there’s no question as to whether she knows more than she’s leading on.

Fisher worked on his first case with the Stitchers, and his involvement was just boring. So far he has just been around to chastise the other characters, especially Kirsten. Hopefully in next week’s episode Fisher will have more involvement with the program. I’m surprised that Kirsten didn’t mention Ed Clark to him. Doesn’t she still want to know why Ed was murdered? I can see the two of them working together on finding out what really happened and becoming closer.


Cameron and Kirsten continue to fight and bicker throughout the episode, only to come back together at the end to solve the case. They work great together…as long as they aren’t fighting. Cameron is worried about Kirsten because of the effect that stitching has on her. She becomes attached to the victim, and it interferes with her work. Cameron also might be feeling something else for her, but only time and more episodes will tell.

Marta Rodriguez was the big shock this week – she wakes up from her coma. What could this mean for the Stitchers team? Will she want to try stitching again, or will she experience PTSD from the stitching? I’m also curious about Marta and Cameron’s relationship. They worked together, but that doesn’t explain why no one else from the lab has come to see her in the hospital. What happened to Marta during a stitch is affecting how Cameron works with Kirsten, and Maggie is trying to help Cameron by telling him the same thing won’t happen again.

This week’s nicknames that Cameron gives to Kirsten:

Pork chop





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