• Jim Martin

    SciFi4Me Exclusive Interview: Screenwriter Jim Martin


    James (Jim) Martin is soft-spoken, but under that calm exterior is enough creativity for several people at the same time. Some of his work you’ve heard of, some you haven’t, and there’s more coming down the pike. SciFi4Me asked him about some of these projects, and we got to find out just how deep that […]

  • Clip Show



    Episode 822 “Clip Show” and 823 “Sacrifice” So then everything happened, but most things didn’t get resolved. Shows like that make me crazy, and is why I never watched Lost. I’m combining the last two episodes here because “Clip Show” is such a utilitarian episode that takes us to the end of the season that […]

  • The Great Escapist

    SUPERNATURAL Angels in Hiding


    Episode 821 “The Great Escapist” This is another really solid Kripke-riffic episode as we near the end of season 8. It’s solid, tight, full of surprises, gets slightly meta, delivers the laughs, and sets things up for the final two episodes. This recap is pretty long, so grab a snack and get comfy. Spoilers follow. […]

  • Pac-Man Fever

    A SUPERNATURAL Tearjerker


    Episode 820 “Pac Man Fever” [photos: Diyah Pera/The CW] This is another episode done right, courtesy of show creator, Eric Kripke. I didn’t miss the Big Bad for one minute, for one thing. For another, it was an interesting “monster of the week” that only used the monster as a convenient plot device to further […]

  • Taxi Driver

    A SUPERNATURAL Trip to Hell and Back


    Episode 819 “Taxi Driver” [photos: Diyah Pera/The CW] This was a good one with plenty to enjoy and lots of cheerable moments. There were also some head-scratching moments, but nothing that ruined it for me. Spoilers follow. Kevin Tran is cracking up and looks terrible. He’s hearing Crowley in his head, and nobody’s quite sure […]

  • SPN_Freaks_03

    SUPERNATURAL Hunter Babies


    Episode 818 “Freaks and Geeks” [photos: Liane Hentscher/The CW] Before I review this episode, let’s talk a little about how writing a TV show works. A group of writers gathers in the writer’s room, and one of them is the “head writer” for that episode. This means he or she is the one who gets […]

  • Goodbye Stranger

    A SUPERNATURAL Death and Escape

    Opinion, Recaps, Reviews, TV

    Episode 817 “Goodbye Stranger” Back in the saddle with the mid-season opener. I’m starting to feel like I’m repeating myself in these reviews. This episode did what it needed to advance the story arc. I’m ticked off about the death of a character and obvious writer manipulation of the audience, there were a lot of […]

  • Everybody Hates Hitler

    A Golem of SUPERNATURAL Proportions

    Opinion, Recaps, Reviews, TV

    Episode 813 “Everybody Hates Hitler” What if they finally got a break? I really, really, a million reallys want that to be true. I want everything that happened this week to stick for more than two weeks, and for them to finally get a break. Spoilers after the eye candy. Way back in 1944, a […]

  • As Time Goes By

    The SUPERNATURAL Holy Grail

    Opinion, Recaps, Reviews, TV

    Episode 812 “As Time Goes By” YES. THIS. Do this and more of it. Writer Adam Glass is my new hero. This is the kind of Supernatural that I want to see every week, and apparently so does everybody else: The fan boards have lit up with excitement and speculation. Major spoilers follow! This episode […]

  • LARP and the Real Girl


    Opinion, Recaps, Reviews, TV, Uncategorized

    Episode 811 “LARP and the Real Girl”   As per usual, I have mixed feelings about this episode. Fortunately, the good far outweighed the bad this week as the Winchesters hit their old stride and comedic pacing that originally made the show a success. Things I liked: Felicia Day is always totes adorbs and very […]

  • Torn and Frayed

    Alone Again, SUPERNATURAL-ly

    Opinion, Rant, Recaps, Reviews, TV

    Episode 810 “Torn and Frayed” Well… that happened. I still enjoy certain elements of the show, Castiel in particular, but I guess I’m just done with the pointless torture and pointless killing of likable characters to further plotlines. I know I came in late to the party, but I showed up based on earlier ratings […]

  • Citizen Fang

    A SUPERNATURAL-ly Disappointing Mid-Season Finale

    Opinion, Rant, Reviews, TV

    Episode 809 “Citizen Fang” [photos: Jack Rowand/CW] >>>>> What. The hell. Was that. I’m done with Benny. I’m done with the Winchesters squabbling like angsty teens. I’m beyond done with whatshername veterinarian. I just… no. You guys… no. This episode was confusing, poorly edited, and suffered from extreme “Why Does One Character Not Explain A […]

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