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The Lush Life: Cyber Monday Guide and GIVEAWAY!

Hey everybody!  I know everyone is ready to get some shopping done, so I’ll get with this…your Cyber Monday Shopping Guide!  Stick with me for a very special Cyber Monday Giveaway at the end featuring a friend of the site, Rainbow Darkness Studios!

We’ve got the usual suspects, big box retailers and the like, putting up anything and everything they can on sale…you can find gaming consoles, video games, computers, and so much more from the big guys.  You can also check out the internet mega-stores such as Amazon and eBay for various deals, free shipping, and double points on everything from the new stuff to collector’s items for your favorite geek (after all, Wally World isn’t going to have that last Obi Wan figurine your cousin doesn’t have).

Then we fall to the chain retailer Hot Topic… for Cyber Monday they’re running various deals including the most relevant ones to us geeks: 30% off hoodies and outerwear (so you can finally splurge on that Iron Man hoodie you’ve been wanting for a while).   They’ve also got their clearance at buy one/get one 50% off, $15 “Hot Cash” for every $30 spent, and free standard shipping on all orders.

Another big chain with gifts for the geek-inclined is, of course, mall shop extraordinaire, Spencer’s.  While not strictly celebrating Cyber Monday, they are featuring a lot of good specials right now including buy one/get one 50% off on items ranging from baby stuff to wallets and free shipping on orders over $49.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re a fan of spending countless hours on awesome websites tailored specifically for geeks.  These sites are epic in their own right and are among the cream of the crop for Cyber Monday shopping.  Of course, I’m talking about none other than ThinkGeek and J!nx

The monkey explains it all. (Image Copyright

The special only runs until 3am EST, so it’s time to attack that wishlist of yours!  Also, if you’re still stumped on the perfect gift for a few of the geeks in your life, check out the Holiday Giftstation for all sorts of awesome ideas (including gifts under $10).

J!NX, on the other hand, is rolling out the day with the new StarCraft II inspired line of clothing, an awesome Holiday Gift Guide with “savingthrow”s worth a damage reduction to your wallet anywhere between 5% and 20%.  Speaking of 20%, they’ve probably got the best deal of the day with 20% off your entire purchase using the promotion code TWOPOINTOH.  This special also only runs until 3am EST, so get your butt moving!  (Don’t forget, you also earn J!nx gold for your purchases so you can save more money when it’s time to give to yourself!)
Another cool Cyber Monday release is that of Her Universe– the clothing line created by the awesome Geek Girl Ashley Eckstein (who has been extremely great to us here at SciFi4Me…check out my interview with her here, or Jason’s interview on our YouTube page).  Today marks a big release for several new items across the SciFi board (including new Star Wars AND SyFy Merch).  Plus, if you’re one of the first 500 people to place an order today, you get an awesome Yoda pin (so, seriously, why are you still here?).
Last, but certainly not least, you’ve gotta get your butt over to Etsy.  Everything is on a lot smaller of a scale, but you can find some truly unique items for the special geeks in your life.  I’ve been featuring a lot of geeky stores over on The Geekly with a Twist, so you can always check out those or even visit my Etsy profile to keep up-to-date on my latest crazy and geeky finds.  Now, of course, it goes without saying that I’m going to pick favorite when it comes to unique, handmade geekery and that goes to none other than friend of the site Rainbow Darkness Studios, the shop run by the amazing Stephanie Williams.  Despite her preference for playing Hordies, she’s a pretty cool chick.
Now if only I could get an Alliance one of these... (Image courtesy Rainbow Darkness Studios)
So that brings me to our
The awesome Miss Stephanie Williams has agreed to give us a very special opportunity as a part of our anniversary and Cyber Monday celebrations: a $10 Gift Credit to her store!  That’s right, you can pick from anything in her shop, including her various potion bottles,  clay creations, and more.  So, now to logistics…how do you win?
So it’s pretty simple…you need to go to the Rainbow Darkness Studios Facebook Page, click “like” and then surf on over to the SciFi4Me Facebook Page and do the same!  You don’t have to be a new follower, even, just make sure you like us both and it’s really that simple…but wait, there’s more! 
If you are the winner and have commented on this post, I’ll go ahead and add an extra $5 to your gift credit!  That’s right, I’ll cover an extra 50% value to the gift just for a simple little comment below!  It’s my way of saying THANK YOU for sticking with us and reading my articles.  Be sure to spread the word…it may hurt your odds now, but just remember this…more followers=more power and influence.  More power and influence=more notice.  More notice=SciFi4Me growing.  SciFi4Me growing=more giveaways.  Therefore, telling your friends=more giveaways.  Don’t you just love math?
So, the contest closes at 12:30am Wednesday, December 1st…that is a half an hour after midnight of November 30th…so get on it!  This contest is eligible to followers of Rainbow Darkness Studios and SciFi4Me on Facebook, new and old. 

8 thoughts on “The Lush Life: Cyber Monday Guide and GIVEAWAY!

  • Thanks, didn’t know that about Hot Topic. I will check that out for … someone on my list.. Don’t want to say incase they happen to read this. Anyway, thank you for the info.

  • I love the items on rainbow darkness…! so excited over cyber monday!

  • This is awesome! I love the items from Rainbow Darkness.. my husband and I currently own the matching hearthstone necklaces. 😉

    I’ll definitely be checking out these sites for some last-minute gifts! I already purchased a Horde shirt for my hubby (Yes, we are both Hordies, hehe). 😀

    • Silly people. Alliance is the only way to go. 😉
      I’m glad I could help with your shopping! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • oh neato torpedo!!!


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