Folklore and Restless Ghosts Make a Haunting Mix in LORD OF TEARS

Hex Media’s revamped ghost story THE OWLMAN, retitled LORD OF TEARS, delivers classic ghost story elements with fantastic Scottish scenery to create an interesting mix.

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Recap: CHANNEL ZERO Gets Closer to the Truth of Candle Cove

Syfy’s Creepypasta-inspired series CHANNEL ZERO: CANDLE COVE develops the mystery while explaining some history in its second episode “I’ll Hold Your Hand”.

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New Syfy Series CHANNEL ZERO Asks – Do You Remember Candle Cove?

SyFy’s new CHANNEL ZERO series may be based on one of the newest things in horror – “Creepypasta” online stories. But it’s first six episode story the show has roots going back to ancient myths, scary tales, and classic horror.

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