SciFi4Chicks: Getting Your Kids Hooked … On Genre

They’re called “gateway drugs” — those first little things that get us thinking, “It’s not so bad…” which lead to bigger things. And before we know it, we’re hooked. Can’t get enough. And we want to share it with our kids.

No, not the special brownies… we’re talking about science fiction, fantasy — and yes, even horror — and how in our enthusiasm, we go about sharing our madness for Star TrekStar WarsDoctor WhoFirefly, Superman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Space: 1999, comic books, video games, and Ray Harryhausen.

Do you have a favorite way of introducing the next generation to The Next Generation? Share it with us in an e-mail.

The panel: Mindy Inlow, Jennifer Wise, Sonya Rodriguez, Ann Laabs, James Hunt


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