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For those who have been under a rock because you’re a vampire, you may not know that there’s a new Underworld movie being made. Of course, most of us know about it. Set twelve years after Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, this one picks up right where we left off – sort of. Selene has been in cryogenic slumber this whole time, so it looks as if she’s going to serve as the audience proxy to get us caught up on the new world of the Lycans and Vampires. Let’s catch up with Selene and the gang, shall we?


Interview with the Vampire’s Boss

Producer Richard Wright, who’s been with the franchise from the beginning, talked with FearNet about the fourth installment and the possibility that there will be a fifth. Of course, Kate Beckinsale would have to agree to come back. He specifically mentions having to get used to working with co-directors Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein, who would tag-team directing duties from day to day.

Note the most interesting part of this, when Wright is asked about shooting in 3D:

“That was one of the conditions for making the film. Sony has a vested interest in 3D. They’ve put their entire weight behind 3D, and I think pretty much everything Sony is shooting now, certainly all the tent poles, are all 3D.”

Not only is this sequel being shot for 3D, but it will also get a day-and-date release in IMAX theaters. [The Hollywood Reporter]

FearNet also talked with the rest of the cast and creative team in this video.

That’s What She Said

Beckinsale chatted up reporters whilst shopping with her daughter, saying she’d never intended to make another Underworld, and mentions the “screaming rubber noise” of the catsuit. Perhaps being married to the franchise’s head honcho, Len Wiseman, had something to do it… [Just Jared]   And here: she talks about being a complete wimp when it comes to the possibility of fighting off bad guys in real life. [Fans Share]

Here’s the poster:

[Official Movie Site]

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