Review: FRAN BOW: Worth a Play Through


Fran Bow
Developed by Killmonday Games
Available on Windows, OS, Linux, Android, and iOS
Released on August 27, 2015 for Windows

Fran Bow is a new point-and-click adventure horror game made by Killmonday Studios. The game follows a ten year old girl, Fran, during the aftermath of her parents’ murder. As you run through the different stages of the game, you come into contact with characters that are new but somehow seem familiar. This is not surprising, however, considering the influence the game takes from classics such as Alice in Wonderland and Brothers Grimm fairy tales.



This game has gotten some rave reviews from IndieGames and MetaCritic, as well as having caught the eye of a few of the most popular video game players on YouTube. Known mostly for its unique art style and macabre story line, Fran Bow is sure to keep fans of the horror genre interested. This is not a game to play for jump scares, but it is a game to play for the story lines.


The player starts the game out in a mental hospital that Fran has been placed in after the murder of her parents. Fran is given medications that make her see the world differently, which reveals an entirely new map with elements based in the ‘real world’ but additions from Fran’s medicine.

As the player continues through Fran’s world, things start changing — for better and for worse. This game is a must play for anyone who gets tired of one area quickly — you hardly ever stay in one place for more than one act. From getting turned into a tree to fighting to save her cat from a two headed teenager, Fran’s life continues to swirl in and out of reality. The tragic truth is she just wants to go home to her aunt and grieve her parents. As a player, it’s up to you to make that happen.


With a cast of characters as insane as the mental hospital, new worlds to explore, and an art style that can put most indie games to shame, Fran Bow should be on your list to play. Visit the website here for more information.


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