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Recap: THE LAST SHIP – Resistance


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Episode 312 “Resistance”
Written by Mark Malone and Nic Van Zeebroeck
Directed by Anton Cropper

The episode opens with Tex (John Pyper-Ferguson) and Kara (Marissa Neitling) on their way to meet the USS Nathan James, it is supposed to be coming in to San Diego. They’ve got POTUS Oliver (John Cothran) and Tex’s daughter Kathleen (Jade Chynoweth) in the car. There are listening to the radio broadcast talking about the regional leaders and all the bad news and I’m basically hoping they turn off the radio. I get lucky, the scene cuts to Chandler (Eric Dane) on the USS Nathan James and they’re talking about how they received orders upon their arrival to the United States. They’re supposed to turn over their prisoner Chandler. Oh yeah, they don’t know that Chandler took back charge of the ship so they’ve got to figure out a way to attack the United States. Yeah, attack the United States, it just feels bad to type that. They know that they’re going to need some sort of plan to get there.

Meanwhile, Allison (Elisabeth Rohm) is having this huge meeting with the regional leaders and there are already fighting. They are fighting about Senator Beatty’s region. I finally see Allison’s real role. She’s basically a glorified babysitter. It seems like Roberta (Lucy Price) holds most of the cards and Allison wants to be given land — or possibly the presidency? I really couldn’t tell, but she gestured to the oval office chair, so I got that impression. Witt (Patrick St. Esprit) walks in with a briefcase that can blow up the USS Nathan James on its approach, all he needs is two thumb prints to activate it. Allison offers hers and Croft (Eddie Driscoll) offers his. I was shocked he was able to keep his thumb steady because he’d been walking around with a drink in his hand the entire episode. (What is this? Mad Men?)

Tex and team need provisions. They stop in Vegas where there’s…nothing. Military soldiers have taken everything and they meet up with a very interesting character Bob (Cooper Huckabee). I have to admit, when I saw Cooper Huckabee, I said to myself; “Awe, it’s that guy…this should be good.” He didn’t disappoint. Now, Bob doesn’t really recognize POTUS, but he could sense they were good people and gave them a lot of information. The soldiers took everything and most of the people left with the food. He has been without food for three days and without missing a beat, Kathleen offers him their last can of food. It’s just such a sweet scene, and you immediately see that Kathleen’s heart is as big as her Daddy’s. As Bob reaches up to take the can, he recognizes POTUS. Oliver steps forward to shake the man’s hand and the words of hope he delivers are just what anyone would need in this crisis. Finally, POTUS Oliver is the President.

POTUS Oliver (John Cothran) is finally the POTUS and acting like it!

In the blink of an eye, (they always ignore time…Las Vegas is FAR from San Diego!) they reach the beach and sure enough the two missiles are fired and hit the USS Nathan James and it begins to sink. I’m about to scream and cry, but Kara beats me to it! She runs into the water and Tex is holding her and she’s crying and I’m crying. Her husband, Lt. Danny Green (Travis Van Winkle) is on board. It’s horrible. I just can’t believe it. Chandler is smarter than that! There is no way that was the USS Nathan James. NOT POSSIBLE!

And… it wasn’t! HA HA! It was one of the Chinese destroyers…but then I was like, wait, hold on. How did they get the ship all the way to San Diego to be a decoy ship? Doesn’t somebody have to be ON the ship to….drive it? It was like, c’mon, really? I need an explanation! I wasn’t going to get one just yet.

Tex and team follow some solders to a warehouse location. They are trying to find out what is going on and they are ready to kill anyone involved in sinking the USS Nathan James. Kara is sneaking around and is grabbed from behind and she begins to fight back when we pretty much know who’s got her. IT’S DANNY! Now, these two are newlyweds, but they haven’t had any screen time this season (that I can recall)! Their little make out session was perfect (yes, I was crying tears of joy). Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, Tex is sneaking around and turns a corner to find…the entire Vulture Team! Hugs all around! I’m still crying. It was just all too perfect. I didn’t care how it just fell into place so nice and neat. I even got an explanation about the Chinese destroyer. Apparently, it was remote controlled into the harbor? Yeah, whatever, who cares! The gang’s all here! They gang’s all here! The gang’s reunited! Now, let’s go kick some butt!

"THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT" "CoG" / Ep 312 TNT Ph: Doug Hyun
Mr. and Mrs. Green are definitely ready for a good fight.

It’s time for them to stop what’s happening. They’re starting with the food; they have to stop the food from being rationed only to the regional leaders. They are using trains to transport food, so they set chargers on the tracks to blow the train.

Granderson (Christina Elmore) is on the USS Nathan James trying to decipher any kind of intel they can by intercepting messages that General Bradley (Alex Carter) is sending Allison. She is able to decipher that it’s people that they’re transporting, not food! There’s a mad scramble to stop the train! There is nothing I like better than a good “chase the train” scene. With Slattery (Adam Baldwin) behind the wheel of a truck driving full speed, Vulture Team plus Tex hop on the train. Chandler goes toe-to-toe with “4-star” General Bradley. I almost forgot, Chandler can fight, too! With help from Tex, who’s in a pretty good fight scene himself, they stop the train inches from the chargers.

"THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT" "CoG" / Ep 312 TNT Ph: Doug Hyun
Chandler (Eric Dane) is ready to take his country back!

The people on the train are starving. They refuse to get off the train. Chandler puts it altogether fast. They starve the people out, then they’ll do whatever the government says, because they are starving. Chandler takes his frustrations out on Bradley. Bradley said there was no other way; he had to follow orders from region leader Castillo (Al Coronel) because all the REAL 4-star generals who would have fought back were all murdered. Chandler manages to turn Bradley, get him to get Castillo to their location. When Castillo arrives, Chandler arrests him. Bradley then says to Chandler, “I guess I take orders from you now?” and Chandler says the second best line in the episode, “NO, you take orders from him, just like I do!” Chandler points to POTUS Oliver, who makes a very presidential entrance and the salutes, ensue…

Now the best line goes to Witt. Allison finds out Chandler is not dead, again. Witt, an army guy, says, “He may be Navy, but he’s a bad ass.” Yup, he sure is!

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