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Recap: THE LAST SHIP – Feast

Episode 407: “Feast”
Written by Hiram Martinez
Directed by Bill Roe

[photos courtesy TNT]

The Nathan James has seen better days. The seeds and Fletcher (Jonathan Howard) are long gone. What do they do now?

The Nathan James is on the Mediterranean Sea. I have to take a moment here to express how gorgeous the scenery has been. All the exotic location sets have been just perfect, it’s almost as if the scenic locales are part of the cast. This episode opens up to memorial services to crew lost and Sasha (Bridget Regan) examining Harry’s (George Georgiou) body looking for any sort of clues to lead them to Fletcher and the seeds.

Senior officers meet to decide that their best bet is to go to Giorgio’s (Jackson Rathbone) mansion. Who better to lead them there? Well, Chandler (Eric Dane), of course, he was just there! The Vulture team prepares to leave to the mansion to retrieve the seeds. Chandler tries to give Sasha a pep-talk, or tries to make sure she’ll shoot this time, I couldn’t really tell. Sasha cut him off completely. She told him she knows her job. Okay, let’s see if she does.

Dr. Vellek (Peter Weller) is very proud of himself and what he’s about to create with a new crop of seed. I didn’t understand much of the science involved, but I’m sure they will break it down again soon. Now, as Vellek is congratulating all who had a hand in getting the seeds back, he seems not to acknowledge Giorgio. As a matter of fact, he dismisses him like a child. Huge diss. Giorgio then grabs the first bottle he finds and decides to throw a party. Daddy issues. They always give the rich boys daddy issues.

Vellek (Peter Weller) is really full of himself.

This is when Vulture team descends on the mansion. It’s in the middle of the party and they need to figure out a way to not kill a bunch of innocent people trying to get to Giorgio. No worries, Azima’s (Jodie Turner-Smith) got this. She strips out of her tactical gear down to a white bikini. How did she know she’d need a bikini? Okay, whatever, I’ll play along and maybe it’s underwear, who knows. She manages to catch Giorgio’s attention, because she’s beautiful and she lures him away from the party.

Vulture team are off to Giorgio’s mansion.

In the meantime, Vellek is having dinner with Lucia (Sibylla Deen), Fletcher, and the Greek ship commander. Now, the Greek commander is not happy. He does not like the new alliance with the UK and announces that Vellek works for the Greeks and any work on the seeds belongs to the Greeks, not any other country. Lucia manages to calm him down, because she’s beautiful and he sits back down to enjoy the meal.

Just as things are about to get hot and heavy with Azima and Giorgio, Sasha interrupts. Giorgio says, “You couldn’t have waited?” and here comes Chandler with the best line, “We didn’t have 30 seconds.” Funny stuff. At gun point, they lead Giorgio to his father’s office where they quickly begin to download data. Just when I think, wow, that was pretty easy, here comes Omar (Anthony Azizi)! Yup! Remember Giorgio’s creep partner in the beginning who Giorgio shot in the back and left for dead? Yeah, he didn’t die. He’s back and he’s pissed. Omar begins to kill party-goers and demand Giorgio show himself.

Poor…or rather rich, misunderstood Giorgio (Jackson Rathbone).

Slattery (Adam Baldwin) and Kara (Marissa Neitling), who stayed on the Nathan James, try to figure out a way to get Vulture team out of there. Well, there is no way that Vulture team can’t not fight Omar’s men. Once the fighting starts, even Omar tries to make peace with the American’s, but Burk (Jocko Sims) is not having it. Remember, his brother was hurt by the boy (Omar’s doing) carrying the bomb. Burk sets an explosion trap of his own for Omar just as Giorgio escapes from the Vulture team back into the mansion and BOOM!

They make it to mansion…right before Omar does.

Vulture team makes it back and they begin to study intel. We finally figure out what the nostos tea has to do with all this. The nostos drug, in its purest form, takes the aggression out of men. They turn into these passive dummies who don’t fight back when provoked. Ugh, how boring, right? The Nathan James crew figure out that Vellek wants the seeds to control the food supply and he’ll use the drug to put anyone against him in a peaceful state of mind. He’s the ultimate hippie, a hippie who wants to rule the world.

Back to the dinner, well, it’s only Vellek and the Greek commander and it’s clear now. Nostos was in the food and wine because all of the commander’s’ anger and aggression is gone and he’s ready to serve Vellek. Vellek finds out from Giorgio (yeah, he didn’t die in the big boom), that all his data was stolen and the Americans are on their way.

Before the episode ends, using all their intel, the Nathan James figures out that Vellek’s lab is on a ship, the Greek warship.

This episode had a lot of information along with funny interactions with our favorite characters. I’ll never forget Wolf’s face when Azima strips. Ray (Adam Irigoyen) and Kathleen (Jade Chynoweth) share an unexpected kiss. Sasha and Chandler had a moment too and I think they are trying to get back on track to fixing what was broken in their friendship/relationship. There just didn’t seem time to dwell on anything, this episode with so fast paced! Now that the Nathan James knows everything, it’s time to get to work, and the previews for next week look good.

The Last Ship airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on TNT.

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