In our last episode of #D8Night – streaming Mondays 9-11 pm on SciFi4Me TV.2 (our Twitch channel – catch up on past videos here!) – our fearless adventurers ran afoul of a band of beer-chugging goblinoids who eschewed the “loot and pillage” theme of their peers for a rockin’ good time. This skill challenge differed from a lot of the traditional skill challenges that Dungeons and Dragons players will face, and instead let us try our hand at something that we, as players, should have been much better at.

We played a drinking game. With the Bottomless Gang.

If you haven’t heard of the Bottomless Gang – which, short of our #D8Night DM Will Tramp, nobody has – the experience as a whole can be summed up like so:

The Bottomless Gang represents a cultural norm for the Goblins, yet an anomaly for players. It is often easy to forget that the monstrous races have many of the same desires, drives, and problems we, as player races, all face. Through a love of fine craft beer, the players were finally able to see through deep-seeded racial attitudes and find common ground with what normally would be considered an enemy. I mean, seriously, these guys were really fast to start poisoning and spiking the partiers; who does that?

(The DM has a point here, folks. Our barbarian barbarically poisoned a goblin.)

We had a lot of fun with this innovative skill challenge, but something may have been lost for the viewer who, owing to our unprecedented streaming issues (sorry!), couldn’t see close-up who we were facing. So, as promised, I would like you to introduce you to the Bottomless Gang; not only those who we went drink-to-drink with, but those who cheered on their comrades from the sidelines, as well.

This is only a portion of our struggle to keep Goldenfields, the bread basket of the Sword Coast North, safe from the threat of the Hill Giants! (Which, admittedly, we kind of created…)

Swing by and check out #D8Night on SciFi4Me TV.2 Mondays from 9-11, and don’t forget to subscribe for notifications of when we go live!

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