NY Comicon Recap – Day One

Great first day at New York Comicon. My NYC SciFi4Me correspondent Andy and I had a blast.

Early in the day, we interviewed KEVIN CONROY, the voice of “Batman: The Animated Series”, about his process to find his inner Dark Knight.

Later, we talked to master architect of the DC Animated Universe Bruce Timm about new projects, including the just-announced two-part animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s” The Dark Knight” that is coming out next year.

The cherry to top off our DCAU Sunday, was an interview with longtime voice director Andrea Romano about her favorite DC Comics characters (Nightwing!) and why working with Neil Patrick Harris is always such a treat.

Videos of all interviews will be up this week!

We also caught a small amount of the DC Comics All Access: Batman panel (detecting a theme? Andy and I are both big Batman geeks) and had the pleasure of hearing writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo talk about their latest iteration of the Dark Knight Detective. Scott and Greg are coming off of Batman #1 being the best selling book of DC’s New 52 initiative and the best selling comic of September.

Scott seems to be riding the wave gracefully and has a lot in store for Wayne and Co. over the next eleven months (the length of his current story-line). Batman will delve into a “Court of Owls” that will be revealed to have been pulling the strings in Gotham for generations. The Court of Owls will have ties to The Wayne and Grayson family but how is yet to be revealed. In Snyder’s atmospheric story, Batman comes to realize that Gotham as an urban entity might be more of an enemy than an ally.

Fans seem to be happy with at the Con so far – crowds were manageable today and everything seemed to be running smoothly organizationally. There’s a lot of great artists to discover at Artists Alley this year, although a lot of their commission lists were already filled up after an hour of the con being open to preview guests yesterday – including Sara Pichelli, the white-hot artist of All New Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.

More updates after tomorrow!

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