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MINORITY REPORT: Violating Privacy?


S1E3 “Hawk-eye”

In this week’s episode, Dash becomes a civilian analyst for a new program, Hawk-eye. More visions. Some brother bonding time. And just how private can life be in this world?

The episode begins with a couple self driving too quickly. They get a message in their car from the police department because of the Hawk-eye program. The message tells him that he will be unable to drive because he is a risk to public safety.

Lieutenant Blake introduces the Hawk-eye program to all the detectives, and Vega is skeptical. Blake makes sure that she is one of the first detectives to try it out. Vega points out the PreCrime was disbanded.

Arthur and Dash are racing each other on bike trials, and then they talk about Vega; Arthur tell Dash that he needs to be more careful, and then Dash has another vision. Arthur gives him a name: Massero.

Dash and Vega go to Wally’s and they record his vision. Wally tells them the killer is Mark Massero, the Chief Creative Officer of Narcissus, a tech company.

Vega sends the picture of the victim to Akeela, and she tell her it’s Trevor Maloney, a fitness instructor. She also tells Vega that Massero was flagged by Hawk-eye. Vega urges Dash to apply for the civilian analyst program for Hawk-eye, and he is hesitant but decides to do it.


Agatha tells Arthur about the vision she had, and he decides to keep an eye on Vega and Dash. Arthur and Agatha think that Vega is going to help with a secret program that uses the PreCogs. Agatha says she knows someone who can help them.

Vega and Dash go talk to Arthur about getting a secret identity so that Dash can apply for the Hawk-eye job. Vega blackmails him into getting them an identity.

Vega tells Akeela about Dash, and she agrees to help him get the job.

Agatha talks to a man named Charlie. He embezzled millions of dollars for a company, and she tells him that she knows about it.

Dash goes to Metro for his interview with Akeela. Blake and Vega watch the interview, and Blake tells Vega to send him Dash’s file. Vega and Dash talk after the interview, and they officially become partners. They go to Narcissus and talk to Eli Winford, and he tells them that Massero wouldn’t hurt anyone.

They go to Massero’s house and walk in on him and his wife having sex. They interrogate him, and Dash finds out he has a therapist. They ask about Trevor Maloney, and neither he or his wife has ever seen him before.

Akeela calls Vega, and tells her that Blake wants to talk to Dash, and that she thinks he knows that Dash is a PreCog.

MINORITY REPORT: L-R: Dash (Stark Sands) and Det. Will Blake (Wilmer Valderrama) in the all-new “Hawk-Eye” episode of MINORITY REPORT airing Monday, Oct. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: FOX. © 2015 FOX Broadcasting.

Back on the island, Charlie goes through a safe and can’t find what he is looking for. He grabs a gun.

Dash meets with Blake, and he tells Dash to let him know if Vega does anything out of line. He leaves Blake’s office and Dash and Vega go talk to the therapist. They therapist won’t talk to them about Massero because of confidentiality laws, but Hawk-eye overrides that law. The therapist tells them that Massero’s wife has an affair, and Vega thinks it was Trevor Maloney.

They talk to Massero’s wife, and she did not have an affair with Maloney. They find out that Massero has left driving one of his older cars, and they go after him. Massero gets into a fight with a biker, Maloney, but Vega and Dash make it there before Massero kills him.


They go to Wally’s to celebrate, and Wally gives Dash a bracelet that will tell him when he is going to have a vision. It goes off, and Dash has another vision. Massero hangs himself, except the PreCogs can’t see suicides.

Vega goes to the Massero house, and Dash goes to talk to Arthur. Arthur tells Dash about Agatha’s vision, and Dash tells him it won’t come true. Vega reaches Massero before he hangs himself, and it is apparent that someone else is trying to kill him. Vega and Blake interrogate the therapist, and arrest him. The assault charges are dropped against Massero.

Charlie shows up to Agatha’s house with the gun, and she blackmails and scares him into doing what she wants.


This week’s episode was all over the place. Viewership has been very bad for Minority Report, and it’s no surprise, considering this show is all about invading people’s privacy. When Vega and Dash go to talk to the therapist, they tell him that Hawk-eye overrides the doctor-patient confidentiality rule. When the therapist is being interrogating later, they keep track of his heat rate, and keep questioning him after he says he wants to wait until his lawyer arrives.

Dash, Arthur, and Agatha have all had the same argument again this week. “Don’t work with Vega.” Everything that happened in this week’s episode could have happened last week, but everyone is still having the same conversation. The only real developments this week is that Akeela knows about Dash being a PreCog, and Dash is officially working with Vega.

Agatha will do anything to protect them, as seen during her blackmail. Everyone on the island calls her “witch,” and now we know why. She’s not exactly the nicest person in the world, but I’m going to hold off on judging her just yet.

Dash is coming into his own, and it is nice to see. I’d like to see more interaction with the PreCogs, but not if they keep having the same conversation.

Meagan Good is the only good thing to come out of this show. She is a good actress, and her character and Dash make a good team.

Minority Report is being cut by three episodes already, so it is unlikely that they will be renewed for a second season.

The next episode airs Monday, October 12.


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