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Matt Ryan’s Constantine Coming to ARROW



At the Television Critics Association press tour, newly-minted Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle has confirmed John Constantine will appear on the show.

And it’s not just any John Constantine. Matt Ryan, who played the role on NBC’s Constantine, will bring that version to Arrow. Mericle tells KSite, “We’re going to try to do everything exactly down to the way it was on the show.”

Constantine will appear in the fifth episode of season four. Titled “Haunted,” the episode will focus on the resurrection of Sara Lance, who will be the new White Canary on Legends of Tomorrow. “For now, it’s one episode,” Mericle says. “It was never intended to be a long-term thing; it was much more about how we needed someone to come in and do this piece of work for us with Sara Lance, and we were lucky enough to get him,” she said.

“We are thrilled to have Matt Ryan reprise the role of John Constantine on an upcoming episode of Arrow. Matt is an incredibly talented actor and his portrayal of this beloved character was always something we admired,” said Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim in a statement. “The introduction of magic and mysticism on the show this season has provided a truly organic opportunity for us to bring John Constantine to Arrow and the CW’s DC universe. It will be a well-deserved tip of the hat to all the Constantine fans who were so incredibly supportive of that series.”

The idea of Matt Ryan making an appearance on Arrow has been circulating since before Constantine was cancelled by NBC. Besides the usual crossover talk, fans were specifically calling for the CW to resurrect the show if NBC were to dump it. Stephen Amell even posted his support on Twitter, saying he’d love to have Ryan on the show, and would be willing to appear as Oliver Queen if Constantine was renewed.

Ryan posted reaction on Twitter:

While it’s a one-off for now, it does open the door for future appearances, and it raises the question of whether Emmett J Scanlan could make an appearance as Jim Corrigan, also known as the Spectre.

Could the next Arrow spinoff be Justice League Dark?



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