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H2O #78: In Which We Discuss AXANAR And Other Fan Films



In recent weeks, there’s been a lot of attention focused on the Axanar fan film. Formerly, Star Trek: Axanar, the project has become quite possibly the largest fan film project so far. With hundreds of thousands of dollars, Star Trek alumni in the cast, and general fandom watching the development of the show, it was inevitable that CBS would have something to say about it.

Or would they?

Axanar is just the latest in a long line of productions by fans — Star Trek: New Voyages, Star Trek Continues, Batman: Dead End, and the plethora of Star Wars films are just the tip of the iceberg — and the production value continues to get better. So at what point (if any) do these “little” projects become too big for their britches and someone in the legal department comes knocking?



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