Farrington Chultan Expedition Log Entry #3

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Dinosaurs have always been such fascinating creatures. Beasts of all sizes from ancient times have survived all sorts of worldly devastation. It’s rare to see one in Faerûn near Waterdeep or Baldur’s Gate, but here in Port Nyanzaru they are bountiful. Plentiful enough are these ferocious and majestic beasts that they conduct races in the city with the smaller adolescent or young dinosaurs!

Image Courtesy Wizards of the Coast


We watched as four racers rushed through the cleared streets in a circuit. I procured seats that gave us a wonderful vantage point for a first time spectator, but I’m sure my acquaintances would have appreciated seats where the sense of smell wasn’t assaulted every few minutes by reptilian droppings. Although we lost sight of Phenmen before the start of the races, we all sat together and cheered on our favorite racers and their riders. The race was over almost as quickly as it begun, so we began wrapping up our preparations to travel the jungles of Chult. We had to look for Phenmen first and such a small kobold I’m certain he was having troubles finding the rest of us. I found that my presumption was vastly incorrect, however.

Old City Nyanzaru
Image Courtesy Wizards of the Coast

Phenmen Breedlove was caught trying to rig the race and was sent to Old City of Nyanzaru to survive Executioner’s Run. I wasn’t around to see what exactly occurred, but I will need to keep an eye on him while in the city at least to prevent any further troubles in the Port. From what we were originally told of Executioner’s Run, I knew he wouldn’t have survived if Nanjiri didn’t purchase his freedom. The guilty must race from one end of the 200 ft long pit to the other side where awaits a ladder to freedom. If you make it across and up the ladder, you are forgiven of your crime. They do tend to muck up the journey between the two points with whatever foul beast or foe is next in line to be used. Nanjiri mentioned that his freedom was paid in 57 gold coins, and after hearing the description of what occurred, I am surprised that normally such a structured race like the Dragonborn got in the middle of foreign politics and justice. What a waste of gold coin!


     I‘ll tell you (myself, actually) what isn’t a waste of gold. A SIGNED COPY OF ‘VOLO’S GUIDE TO MONSTERS’ SIGNED BY MR. VOLOTHAMP GEDDARM HIMSELF!

Image Courtesy Wizards of the Coast

As luck would have it, while Subira and I were checking The Thundering Lizard for our kobold friend, we spotted a massive crowding of the nearby bookstore. Volo, who has written such fantastic works as ‘Volo’s Guide to All Things Magical’, ‘Volo’s Guide to Waterdeep’ and ‘Volo’s Guide to Baldur’s Gate II’ (as if the first one wasn’t good enough!) is an inspiration as an anthropologist. I wonder if he’s here to find inspiration for ‘Volo’s Guide to Chult’… If that seems to be the case, I’ll be sure to find something extraordinary for him so I could make it into one of his chapters! OR MAYBE A SPOT ON THE COVER!


As I sit here with my honey mead, I reflect on how before this single day in Port Nyanzaru I would have never experienced what I have. I don’t believe I would have ever stepped foot on Chultan soil. Sure, I would have read about it from the numerous books from all the libraries in Faerûn, but I wouldn’t have experienced all of this first hand if not for Ms. Silvane. I owe her much already for just a single day in Chult, so to help her in ridding her and the rest of the world of this Death Curse is the least I can do. Let us hope that an angel, demon of the jungle, dark-hearted kobold, odd Dragonborn, and anxious human can work together to accomplish what others could not.


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