BEASTARS Season 2 is Set to Debut in 2021

Beastars, one of the biggest anime releases on Netflix in 2019, is confirmed to be getting a second season. The second season, similar to the first one, will be released on Netflix. While no exact date has been specified, it was confirmed that the second season will be released in 2021.

Beastars, created by Paru Itagaki and published in America by Viz Media, is the story of a young Grey Wolf by the name of Legosi, as he tries to live peacefully in a society of anthropomorphized animals. Once his best friend, an alpaca, is eaten by a predator on school grounds, his life is forever changed by an onslaught of violent gangs, murder mysteries, and a harsh, unforgiving society that views him as nothing more than a vicious predator.

Back in February, Netflix had announced the English voice cast for the dub version that began airing on the streaming service March 13th.

Beastars season 1 is currently on Netflix, and it recently got an English dub released, as well. Volume 6 of the official translation of the series will release on May 19th.

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