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THROWAWAYS is a Keeper!


I first found Throwaways in the Image website under the “Upcoming Releases” (which can be found here). It is a story that is equal parts action, mystery, subterfuge, and conspiracy, all with a splash of psychic powers.

throwaways_coverThe story focuses on Abby Palmer and Dean Logan, two broken people who have trouble functioning in society but are thrown together under mysterious circumstances when CIA strike teams begin hunting them. It’s through these extraordinary situations we begin to see their unique abilities and watch their history unfold.

The art done by Steven Sanders has an interesting look that seems to be created digitally but with brushes that appear to be marker-like. The lines have a solid appearance but show the tiniest bit of feather/bleed on the edges upon closer inspection. You can see where multiple passes darken the shading which gives the book a VERY hand-crafted feel. The overall look is great and the action scenes carry a LOT of weight. You can really feel the impacts. The style makes it a more intimate experience for me as it doesn’t feel like the book passed through 15 sets of hands before reaching the stands. It’s just you and Steven here.

Kittredge’s plot is fast paced but it doesn’t lose the details. We get introduced to the main characters through what is basically a cold opening like many classic Bond films (Thunderball? “Madame, I have come to offer my sincere condolences.” BIFF!), but at the pace of Lethal Weapon 2’s opening.

throwaways01_2 throwaways01_

There are hints at things to come and of the past behind. Maps in the backgrounds, exposition done interestingly through chat windows and more. It’s there if you are looking. I felt Abby is the most fleshed out in backstory as we get a decent look at where she comes from. However, we know the most about Logan’s personality. A lot of that can be attributed to Kimiko, Logan’s complicated girlfriend who refuses to be left behind. You can see where Abby and Logan are two halves and balance each other out. Abby is very in-your-face while Logan just wants to be left alone.

The story definitely leans towards a good spy-thriller but certainly ticks the science fiction box as well with Logan being the unknown. He definitely has some…abilities, but we don’t know the full extent just yet. Overall the cast is still small which allows more focus so the book doesn’t feel far-flung. Think 75% Bond and 25% Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

If you are looking for a book with all the government cover-ups, black-ops, fisticuffs, car chases, PTSD, heartbreak, hope, and complexity your inner sci-fi spy can handle, Throwaways delivers.

I personally will be picking up issue #4.

Steven Sanders prior work includes Five Fists of Science, Kraken Armada, S.W.O.R.D., Symbiosis and more.

Caitlin Kittredge is well known for the Nocturne City and Iron Codex series of books.



Dave Baker

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