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SciFi4Chicks on the Women of THE WALKING DEAD

The fourth installment of Women of Genre has the ladies looking at the women of The Walking Dead. From Dorin,  a longtime fan, to Jennifer, who binge watched and swept through the graphic novel compendiums, the ladies compare and contrast how the female characters are portrayed in both mediums. Do the writers and producers get it right? Are the women fair and accurate depictions of how they would act? Or are stereotypes taking over? What do we really think about Carol, Michonne, Maggie, and the rest? With season 6 of the show having just begun, are there places for the characters to go and grow? Check out what the Chicks think before the next episode on AMC.

Join Jennifer, Dorin, and Heather for Women of Genre with a look at the women of The Walking Dead, then share your thoughts with the Chicks. While you’re at is, share your thoughts with Gale Ann Hurd (who follows Chicks on Twitter!) and Chris Hardwick. (who Dorin met but still hasn’t followed us. sad face)

The panel: Heather French, Dorin Schadel, Jennifer Wise.

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