SciFi4Chicks: Clone Club Edition – The One with the Road Trip

There are many reasons why and episode of SciFi4Chicks: the Clone Club edition could be coming to you late. This time it is because Alex just really wanted to talk about Jesse (Patrick J Adams) so much that technology ate our first recording. Ah well… it worked out for Alex, who as you will hear has some major “shiny happy” Jesse issues. (Wouldn’t it be great if Patrick J Adams could hear what a fan he has and what we think of him and Helena? Hmmm… I think it’s time to share #SciFi4Chicks with him @halfadams. Bwahahaha!)

Technology mishaps won’t stop us, though. We find that the second time around we still have LOTS to talk about! Both of us are still confused about whose sample Scott is testing… do you know? Let us know your thoughts, and we may share them on air! [You can also call our hotline with your thoughts at (573) 42-SCIFI/ (573) 427-3424] We still don’t trust Mrs. S, and our feelings for Swan Man…? You’ll just have to listen. Felix and Art become the new odd couple, Cosima can’t see what’s right in front of her, and Alison shows she has trouble picking the right kind of friend. (Really, Fee… just because she can’t go sharezies anymore is no reason to leave her with Vic!)



But let’s face it, for all the revelations and pairings, this episode is really about the sisters… the origins and futures of the clone sisters and the ever-changing relationship between the twins of Sarah and Helena.


Well, after all is said and done, this episode is really about one sister and her boyfriend. And if you want to stay safe, you’ll remember that and let Alex stay in her shiny happy Jesse place! And once again, share this episode with @halfadams… with #JesseandHelena, #CloneClub and #SciFi4Chicks. Enjoy this episode take two… I must now go hide from Alex. Until next time!


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  • June 10, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    I see what you did here -.-


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