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Netflix Announces Season Two Of THE OA

Answers may come to the linger questions from season one of The OA as Netflix has announced season two. Only eight weeks after the first season debuted to mixed reviews, a cryptic teaser was released by the streaming online service. (Read our review here)

The OA follows Prairie Johnson, a young blind woman who returns to her hometown after disappearing seven years earlier. She refuses to talk about her mysterious disappearance except to a group of teenagers and one of their high school teachers, with tales of past identities, abduction, transdimensional travels, and the restoration of her eyesight. Prairie now is the OA and with the help of her new inner circle on a mission to rescue others.

The eight-episode drama was in the middle of a bidding war when Netflix successfully picked it up. Last winter, they simply announced they were moving forward with the series from Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, who had also collaborated on The Sound of My Voice and The East. The show was then kept under wraps until Netflix announced it five days before its December 16 premiere.

When asked about the future of the show, Marling stated, “From the very beginning when we were on our own daydreaming a story, we definitely thought how can we construct something that, many seasons out, has a satisfying end? So there is an end and there is an answer to every riddle and nothing is done to just be sound and fury going nowhere. It all goes somewhere. And as to whether or not we get to tell that, I certainly hope that we do. There is a place that season two already begins in our minds and a place in which it ends.”

Marling’s costars include Emory Cohen (Brooklyn, Smash), Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead), Phyllis Smith (The Office), Jason Isaacs (the Harry Potter films), Alice Krige (Star Trek: First Contact), Patrick Gibson (The Tudors), and Brendan Meyer (Fear of the Walking Dead).

Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, and Sarah Esberg from Plan B Entertainment and Michael Sugar from Anonymous Content produce The OA. No premiere date has been set.


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