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GRIMM Takes Baby Steps to Our Good Graces


Episode 519: “Taming of the Wu”
Written by Brenna Kouf
Directed by Terrence O’Hara 

[recap by Maia Ades]

The countdown to the end of the season is on. The tension is mounting. The rule breaking continues.

After all my complaining last week, this episode begins to make amends in some ways. There have been a few episodes that feature Wu (Reggie Lee). Most of them, okay all of them, are about Wu basically losing his mind. This one has some other surprises.

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Good thing there isn’t a separate police case. There isn’t room for one. This week is all about the main storylines. There is plenty of energy and some things I didn’t expect, like the connection that all of these Hexenbiests have. I didn’t expect Diana to have this much power and angst.

GRIMM -- "The Taming of the Wu" Episode 519 -- Pictured: Dan Crisafulli as Theo Delano -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)
(Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

I can sum up the plot fairly quickly. Wu doesn’t remember anything that happens when he’s semi-woging. We find him in the hospital under observation for his concussion. There’s this guy, Theo, that is keeping an eye on Wu. We never do find out exactly what’s going on there. We will find out that he joined Black Claw six months before, but that’s not till after Wu kills him.

Meisner (Damien Puckler) and Trubel (Jacquilne Troboni) are back in town. They arrive at the resistance’s safe house for Diana. And now we find out who the two dead that Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) saw the intel on last week. Three Black Claw goons are there. One of which attacks Meisner. I’m pretty sure this fight is in the episode just to get Damien Puckler shirtless. What ever the reason, Trubel saves the day with a wicked blade to the goon’s gut.

GRIMM -- "The Taming of the Wu" Episode 519 -- Pictured: Jacqueline Toboni as Trubel -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)
(Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Wu finally starts to talk about what’s going on with him. He contacts Rosalee (Bree Turner) and asks to come by the shop. Before he makes it there, he rips out Theo’s throat. He doesn’t make his appointment at the spice shop. Nick (David Giultoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to the scene of Theo’s murder. They go and check in on Wu, only to find him passed out on his bed and covered in blood.

Which brings me to my moral question. Both Nick and Hank ignore police procedure at this point. They help Wu conceal evidence. They rightly call it self defense, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t kill Theo. I know this is a TV show. I know that police procedure and justice have a very different slant in this world. My problem is that the line in the sand is constantly shifting. One moment they observe procedure and the next they completely look the other way or even aid the guilty. There is no consistency, no set way that cases are handled.

With the aid of a blue powder at the spice shop, Wu recalls what he did and his face changes again. This time Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) records him in his semi-woged state. In classic Wu style, he states he’ll find out how to manage his state on his own.

I’m pretty sure that’s going to come back to bite more than one of them.

GRIMM -- "The Taming of the Wu" Episode 519 -- Pictured: Shaun Toub as Conrad Bonaparte -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)
(Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Did I mention last week that I wondered if Zuri was actually in cahoots with Black Claw? Well, my suspicions were on target this time. She is wooing Hank on behalf of Black Claw. We’ll see what mischief this brings.

A new character, Conrad Bonaparte (Shaun Toub), is more sinister than most of the bad guys we’ve seen. He’s using the relationships of our main characters against them. It’s mean, cruel and manipulative. Did you get that I don’t like him?

Diana is not sympathetic character, she’s a spoiled Hexenbiest brat. Now she’s using her powers to demand that Adalind (Claire Coffee) be with her. Of course Bonaparte is after the same thing. In fact, I wonder if he put her up to this? Anyway, Diana also makes contact with Eve. I don’t think she meant to. In doing so, she gives Eve information that she probably didn’t intend to.

GRIMM -- "The Taming of the Wu" Episode 519 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sasha Roiz as Captain Sean Renard, Hannah R. Loyd as Diana -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)
(Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

All of this culminates with Adalind leaving the safe house with Kelly and all their stuff. All she leaves he hind is a note for Nick that behaves much like notes in Harry Potter. As soon as Nick reads the note, most of the words vanish leaving only a brief separate message, “I have to protect you.” Then those words also disappear. The last shot is Nick standing in the empty living quarters.

Any theories on what next week will bring?


Grimm airs Friday nights at 9/8c on NBC.



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3 thoughts on “GRIMM Takes Baby Steps to Our Good Graces

  • Eve kills Adalind and takes the baby back to Nick? I mean, she kind of threatened to already.

  • Kind of. But what she said was that if Adalind hurt Nick, she’d go after her. In this case it seems that Adalind is actually trying to protect Nick. . . While taking his son with her…

  • Eve doesn’t know that. Nor would she believe it. I doubt that they would do that on Grimm, though. The podcast was very good. I am happy that Wu is finally talking to people, that they are starting to explain, and that they showed that he really is bewildered about what’s going on. Has he never seen a werewolf movie?


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