CineGear Expo 2017 Packs A Punch With New Cinema Cameras

At the 2017 CineGear Expo in Hollywood, there were three new cinema quality cameras previewed. Now indie filmmakers can get a big budget film look without breaking the bank.

Their options include the stylish and capable Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro, the new and improved EOS model Canon C200 and the long-awaited Panasonic EVA1. Let’s dive in.

The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro is a workhorse that has¬†built in ND filters,¬†records up to 60fps and has a 4.6K sensor. Cinematographer Vance Burberry introduced the camera from a personal perspective as he’s used it in many productions. He showed off the specs to a delighted room of filmmakers and photographers.

In the presentation, Burberry spoke of his experience using it on set of a music video “1000x” for James Jarryd feat. Broods. The result of which was a professional look with vivid colors utilizing minimal lighting setups.

If you were waiting for the reveal of the new Panasonic camera, you’re in for a treat. The highly-anticipated and quite astounding Panasonic EVA1 turned heads as only it can. Cinema Product Manager Mitch Gross introduced the camera and showed us how Panasonic is prepared to lead us into the future of filmmaking.

After the presentation, Mitch Gross showed off the powerful camera and I got to see it up close.

Not to be outdone, Canon has previewed their new camera in the EOS series, the C200. The people from Canon showed an in-house produced film titled “From Dock to Dish” directed by Andrew Fried (“Chef’s Table”) with cinematography by Bryant Fisher.

All in all, it’s good to see these new cameras and I believe there’s room for all of them. Many filmmakers use more than one camera depending on the project so it’s always good to have options. That being noted, the big winner of the 2017 CineGear Expo was Panasonic with the inimitable EVA1. She’s a beauty.


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