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AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Chills Out With Friends — LEVEL ELEVENTY-SEVEN 32



S2E3 “Making Friends and Influencing People”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finally gives us a look at where Agent Jemma Simmons has been — undercover for Coulson. She’s managed to infiltrate a Hydra lab, where she learns that the nefarious group is going after Donnie Gill, who just wants to be left alone. But when Hydra comes after him in Morocco, he decides to take matters into his own hands and freeze out the lot of them.

Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. are competing for the same thing — resources. They’re after Gill, too, but figure out he’s already been compromised when Simmons uses the trigger phrases that set off Donnie’s programming from his time in the Sandbox. The same programming we saw with Absorbing Man Creel. And the same programming that gets instilled into Agent 33.

Meanwhile, back at the SSR bunker, Fitz discovers Ward in the basement, and gives the rogue agent a taste of his own medicine by pulling the oxygen out of Ward’s cell. But since Ward has information that could help Simmons, Fitz has to be the bigger man and we’ll just work it out later.

Our discussion roams far and wide this week, covering not only the latest episode, but also rumors and news from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some which could have an impact on the series, and some that just take us down a rabbit hole from which we barely escape…

The Panel: Maia Ades, Tim Harvey, Dan Handley, Jason Hunt


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Jason P. Hunt

Jason P. Hunt (founder/EIC) is the author of the sci-fi novella "The Hero At the End Of His Rope". His short film "Species Felis Dominarus" was a finalist in the Sci Fi Channel's 2007 Exposure competition.

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