S2E2 “Heavy is the Head”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. picks up immediately after last week’s episode: Hunter is still stuck in the overturned SUV, Hartley is still dead, May is hot on the heels of Creel the Absorbing Man, and the rest of the team makes their way back to base with the stolen Quinjet, unaware that some of their comrades have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Fitz is still seeing Simmons in his head, and still trying to reconnect the missing pieces in his brain as he jumps from reverse engineering the stealth technology to figuring out a way to deal with Creel. His brain is making connections, but his ability to communicate to anyone other than HeadSimmons is making it very frustrating for him. Except for Mack, who didn’t know pre-damage Fitz, can just deal with him where he is — and makes the connection with Fitz (calling him “Turbo”) that we’ll henceforth call #TurboMack.

Meanwhile, Creel has absorbed a little more than he bargained for with the obelisk, and now the deathly properties have transferred to him as well, killing a waitress by accident while Creel waits for his Hydra handler to retrieve the thing. This makes for some frustrating moments as Creel searches for a resistant substance in his card catalog. Much to his dismay, nothing works. But maybe that substance in the box delivered by Raina, the Girl in the Flowered Dress. Yes, she’s back! And she’s working for Skye’s father (hello, Kyle McLachlan!).

The main thread deals with Coulson and his continued heavy responsibility as Director, something a little off-putting for fellow alien-blood-transfusion-recipient Skye. May, however, knows there’s more to the story, and his “episodes” are obviously more of a concern than anyone realizes — if anyone but May knew about them, that is. In the meantime, Coulson has to deal with the death of Hartley and Idaho, the theft of the obelisk, the deal Hunter made to betray S.H.I.E.L.D. and hand Coulson’s team over to General Talbott…

And where, oh where is Simmons? We speculate.

The Panel: Kammie Settle, Maia Ades, Garet Ades, Dan Handley, Jason Hunt


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