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AGENT CARTER Chases Girls, and It Doesn’t Quite Work — LEVEL ELEVENTY-SEVEN 45


Episode 106 “A Sin to Err”

In the wake of last week’s pretty good episode, we have an hour of so-so storytelling and some pretty good fight choreography, with a little not-so-good 1940s hijinks woven into the plot.

As Peggy gets to stretch and really add “Agent” as her first name, following a lead on Dooley’s say-so, the rest of the SSR deals with both Dr. Ivchenko and his magic One Ring hypnotism and the pieces Sousa has been putting together. The picture he comes up with: Peggy Carter, traitor. Wanted for conspiracy. Wanted for treason. Wanted for wearing pants.

The Panel: Maia Ades, Dan Handley, Timothy Harvey, Jason Hunt

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