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The Cosplay Diaries are all about you. You write it, you share it. For every person who’s ever put on a costume, there’s a story. Your first experience. Your worst experience. Your process for finding and building that next great outfit.

We want you to tell us. Here’s where you can submit your cosplay story. Tell us all about your experience (keep it pithy and to the point, please) and we’ll select among the entries to share the stories here on SciFi4Me.

Just fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch.




LEGAL STUFF: We reserve the right to edit the stories to fit our format and make sure it’s concise, but we won’t make you say something you didn’t. By submitting your story to The Cosplay Diaries, you are giving us permission to publish the story here and in all other available media, as determined by Flaming Dog Media, LLC, the operator of SciFi4Me. Submissions from minors will need to have additional releases provided by a parent or legal guardian, which we will send if your story is selected.


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