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Episode 10.4 “Paper Moon”

[Photos: Katie Yu/The CW]

More family drama, and not only on the Winchesters’ side this time around. Our boys are out hunting again. A simple werewolf, how hard could it be? Too bad nothing is ever simple for the Winchesters.


Dean convinced Sammy to take him on a hunt, and I wonder if it fits my theory that he still is a demon in hiding, or if it’s just the mark making him antsy. There’s something, family business or not, because he isn’t ever so eager to hunt. I guess in the long run keeping the mark sedated will be better for the boys. Dean running off on some bloodlust induced rampage won’t be any better than Dean running off with Crowley. I’m hoping that seeing the sisters split and one go downward will give Dean a wakeup that killing and power isn’t the way to go. Dean is so close to Sam, I doubt that he can just walk away from his family for a bit more power the way Tasha did to Kate. The mark effects Dean, as we’ve seen before. The mark is evil and if Dean doesn’t resist, he could lose it all over again.

Sam, I know, saw the parallels between the sisters and his own issues with Dean. The boys fighting over killing the girls, and arguing if they should have gone on the hunt at all, is an easy way for the boys to start down on a path that might bring them full circle back to demon Dean. Sam has worked too hard saving Dean to let him slip away again.


I imagine Sam is rather shaken, though. Kate was able to kill her sister when it got to be too much, too dangerous for her to live. Sam has to be wondering if he could kill Dean if the worst happened. Would Sam back off and go along with an evil Dean? Would he give up and let a crazed Dean kill his little brother? I hope the writers address this more throughout the rest of the season.

Kate might prove to be a prominent character yet. When she first popped up it seemed she was just another episodic character, only to be lost in the mountain of everything else that is always going on with the Winchesters. Kate’s appearance in this episode reminded me a lot of how Charlie joined the cast. Ran into the Winchesters and seemed to run out wanting nothing more to do with them. Odds are she will pop back up sometime in the future. Kate could be a good addition to the team of changing hunters and friends the boys have collected. At least until she is inevitably killed or incapacitated or sent to another world.


I appreciated the parallels between the Winchesters and the sisters in this episode. It gave us a chance to think about what might come with Dean in such a precarious state and Sam just trying to keep anyone the family has left together. Winchesters are back to hunting and it may seem like they are well on their way to dealing with whatever is thrown at them. But we can’t forget that our boys are still in trouble, and there is never and easy way out.

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