It’s our discussion of the filmed media connected to DC Comics — Gotham, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of TomorrowSupergirlLucifer … and all of the other possibles — Titans, Firestorm, Hourman, The Atom, and … who knows what else?

Along the way, we may dive into the movie side of things, as the DC Cinematic Universe starts to heat up.


13 (S2E1): GOTHAM, Bill Finger, and Season Expectations

Gotham is back! With The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl waiting in the wings. Is this going to be another strong year for the DC Comics television entries? What’s the future of magic in the Flarrowverse? Will Constantine get more than one episode? Will Vixen show up in live action? Will Salma Hayek cosplay as Zatanna?

Plus, Batman co-creator Bill Finger is finally getting his due credit. We discuss this and more in our first regular episode!


12: Too Much of a Good Thing?

There are so many heroes and villains coming to the DC Comics shows this fall: Lucy Lane, Red Tornado, Tigress, Mr. Terrific, Damien Darhk, Jay Garrick, Hellgrammite, Silver St. Cloud, Vandal Savage, Maxwell Lord… are we getting too many? Is it character overload?

The panel: Christopher Jensen, Kendal Sinn, Jeff Hackworth, Tim Harvey, Jason Hunt


#11 – Reaction to SDCC TV News

As we detailed in our Day 3 report, there was plenty of news on the television side following San Diego Comic Con, and we discuss a good part of it here, as it concerns GothamArrowThe Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.


#10 – Reaction to SDCC Movie News

Plenty of news for DC Comics filmed media coming out of San Diego Comic-Con. First up: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. In this episode, we discuss the trailers and what possible implications they have for the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe.

(hint: Kendal isn’t impressed…)

The panel: James Hunt, Kendal Sinn, Jeff Hackworth, Tim Harvey, Jason Hunt


#9 – What Kind of Show is Supergirl?

Look! Up in the sky!
It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!

We’re all familiar with his story — something that this new show makes perfectly clear, and it uses that as a shorthand to successfully leap over the tall hurdle of world-building faced by most freshman shows. Supergirl is not the show presented in CBS’ 6-minute “First Look” video. It’s much more action oriented, with a much bigger story than “Will Kara get a boyfriend?” So breathe easy.

The panel: Sonya Rodriguez, Chris Jensen, Dan Handley, Jeff Hackworth, Tim Harvey, Jason Hunt


#8 – Finales, Flubs, and Fish Mooney

The Rogues discuss the finale episodes of Gotham, Arrow, and The Flash. Not only has Gotham jumped the shark, they also have done so in a way that short-changes their best storyline and the characters that come with it.

And is the Arrow finale — with the promise of a lighter tone in season four — a setup for more interactivity with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow? Or perhaps even Supergirl? Does the grimdark show need to lighten up to play nice with others?

The panel: Kendal Sinn, Jeff Hackworth, Christopher Jensen, Tim Harvey, Jason Hunt


#7 – Whither GOTHAM? Plus Arrow, Flash & Other Jokers…

In this edition of The Rogues Gallery, we talk about the mess that is now Gotham, as well as the fate of Constantine. Plus, who is Jay Jackson? And what role will he play in Legends of Tomorrow? Could “Jay Jackson” be a cover name for a TV version of Cyborg or Static? Fanz Drameh joins the cast of the Arrow/Flash spinoff. Arrow, meantime, has missed yet another opportunity to introduce Oracle.

And where, oh where, are Montoya and Allen, Gotham?


#6 – The ROGUES Travel to GOTHAM and Speculate Idly

In this edition of The Rogues Gallery, we discuss Gotham and the Suicide Squad movie. Is Fish Mooney gone? Is the show better with or without her? Plus, we discuss problematic characters: Barbara Kean, Ed Nygma, and that kid Oswald kidnapped… And just how long will superhero movies and TV last before fatigue sets in?

And we mention Michelle Rodriguez, but we run out of time on it, so we’ll touch on it next issue.


#5 – Constantine, Firestorm, Green Arrow & Aquaman… Oh, My.

In this edition of The Rogues Gallery, we discuss the fate of Constantine, the backdoor Firestorm pilot that might be evidence of a new model emerging from the CW superhero shows, and the hot mess Arrow has become this season. Plus: a prediction about Thea Queen!

Also, discussion and analysis of the new image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman and what it may mean for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


#4 – The Rogues Get More Answers from Bob Rozakis (pt.2)

Part two of a special Rogues Gallery, with guest Rogue Bob Rozakis, former Director of Production at DC Comics and author of The Secret History of AA Comics and The Answer Man’s Book of Trivia Quizzes. Bob gives us more of his insights into the world of comic books as we discuss Man of Steel and the rest of the DC Comics filmed media.


[Bob Rozakis’ Blog: “Anything Goes”]


#3 – The Answer Man Joins THE ROGUES GALLERY

In a special 2-part Rogues Gallery, the Rogues are joined by The Answer Man himself, Mr. Bob Rozakis. Now retired from the comics industry, Bob was a fixture for many of us growing up and reading DC Comics. As Executive Director of Production, he was responsible for a great many things — among them: the Daily Planet promotions page at the back of every issue, which included the regular “Ask the Answer Man” feature.


Bob also created (with artist Stephen DeStefano) the unlikely hero known as ‘Mazing Man. A 12-issue title in 1986, ‘Mazing Man featured Sigfried Horatio Hunch III and his misadventures.

Now, Bob joins us and shares his insights into the DC TV universe, with opinions on Gotham and The Flash.


#2 – The Rogues Talk CONSTANTINE, The Flash/Arrow Crossover, and Multiverses!

This month, we talk about the ratings. Because it looks like Constantine is on the bubble, whilst The Flash and Arrow had their biggest nights each due to a little cross-pollination. And could that carry over to the new Supergirl? What about Titans? Could Bludhaven be the key to unlocking crossovers to a different corporate-owned network?

And could The Flash Year Zero tie-in comic have clues to Dr. Wells’ true identity? Listen closely as Kendal’s brain melts…

The panel: Kendal Sinn, Timothy Harvey, Jeff Hackworth, Jason Hunt


#1 – Bam! Pow! Introducing THE ROGUES GALLERY Podcast!

It’s a brand new podcast!

By now, you know we talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe — specifically, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — over on Level Eleventy-Seven. Now that the DC Comics television shows are all on the air and running full speed, it’s time to throw a little attention on them. Gotham, The Flash, Arrow, and Constantine are all on our radar, and we have some new members of the team coming in to talk about them all.

(This one is a bit longer than most mainly because it’s the shakedown cruise.)

The panel: Jeff Hackworth, Timothy Harvey, Kendal Sinn, Jason Hunt






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