As part of our commitment to bring you as much news as we can, we’ve got several shows that appear on SciFi4Me TV — and there’s more on the way! Quite a few news shows, as well as convention panels, interviews with lots of people in the genre — on both sides of the camera/page — and plenty of it!

We have regular shows, and we have semi-regular shows. The schedule is our plan, and we try to stick to it as closely as possible. Given that this is an all-volunteer operation, sometimes things go sideways. But we try to stick to this as much as we can. If any show will be delayed, we’ll let you know through our Twitter account.

Over at SciFi4Me TV.2, you’ll find all of our gaming-centric programs. Game news and discussion, plus live gameplay.



The H2O Podcast

This is our flagship show, the one that’s been running the longest out of all our programming. Jason Hunt and Timothy Harvey sit and discuss whatever suits their fancy each week. A lot of times, it’s the news of the day, but there are also shows where a topic just comes up and away we go.

[Monday nights at 8pm LIVE]


This is our weekly “morning news” roundup, with the latest headlines, interviews, reviews, event updates, and more. Plus, we deliver the weather forecast for cities hosting conventions every week.

[Saturday morning at 10am LIVE]



Now in the fourth season. Mackenna Talley brings you the latest news, gossip, rumor, innuendo, and speculation about Star Wars. We call it Salacious Crumbs because it’s just such a perfect title for this! And check out the new set!

[Every other Monday at 7pm]

[Watch Salacious Crumbs here]


COMIC CON CARNE (currently on hiatus)

Most shows about comic books are review shows, with hosts telling you what they think about issue #sometysomething and what they think about the art, etc. yadda yadda yadda. And there are a lot of those. Some good, some not so good.

Comic Con Carne isn’t like those shows. We broaden our focus on the news of the industry — creative team changes, new titles, sales and marketing analysis, and the Inside Baseball stuff that you don’t get with those other shows. Think of us as Entertainment Tonight for comics, while the others are Siskel & Ebert. We’re news. They’re opinion.


THE GRID (currently on hiatus)

This is our monthly video game news program. Industry headlines, news about creative staff changes, new titles, new DLCs, new skins… plus a bit of gossip every now and then. Everything from consoles, PC platforms, handhelds, and the games that go with them.


8 BITS (currently on hiatus)

Our newest video game show. This one complements The Grid with a roundtable discussion format. Participants are gamers, very familiar with the industry, and the discussion moves about with regard to the industry in general and games in particular.



These are the shows that aren’t really on a set schedule yet. Some are more regular than others…


You know how sometimes you gather around the water cooler to talk about the latest movie trailer? Does it make you want to see the movie? Does it work to entice you? Our panel does just that, examining and analyzing new trailers for upcoming science fiction, fantasy, and horror films.


We also have collected a number of convention panels from across the country — Planet Comicon, Osfest, Dallas Comic Con, Fan Days, Gl!tchCon, New York Comic Con  and others — and we have a number of interviews with celebrities, authors, comic book writers, artists and editors — all for you to watch and share with your fellow fans.


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