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HOLONET Weekly: More Mandalorians, Less Spoilers, No Solo: Solo Films, Solo

Has a Rebel been seen on the set of The Mandalorian or is it one of the five (well now officially six) new cast members? Mark Hamill won’t tell and the Academy won’t even consider….what? Let’s jump in.

This week, Disney officially confirmed Pedro Pascal has been cast in The Mandalorian, joining Nick Nolte and Gina Carano… Okay, that’s old (originally an unconfirmed rumor) news but here is some real new casting news. They have officially added Carl Weathers (which we mentioned last week), Giancarlo Esposito, Werner Herzog, Emily Swallow, and Omid Abtahi. Of course, there are no confirmations on who plays who, but, similar to the directors list, it sounds like they are rounding out with a great cast.

And speaking of not knowing any of the specifics on characters, here is a rumor that has popped up due to a tiny little prop spotted. A report from Making Star Wars states that Sabine Wren’s helmet has been seen on the live action set, sparking a rumor that the fan favorite from Star Wars Rebels may show up. Fans have been wondering if she would have some type of presence in the series since it was originally announced, and if Carano could possibly be playing her. Now it can’t be confirmed that it was actually Sabine’s helmet, so another couple of possibilities are that it’s a nod to Rebel fans or that Carano is a Mando clan leader that’s been mentioned and this style of helmet is more common for the women than Rebels acknowledge. Who knows what Mr. Favreau has up his sleeve?

Not much coming out on the Episode IX front. But as usual, Mark Hamill recently decided to give us a little insight on the project during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. As we have learned from the past, Lucasfilm will go to great lengths to keep the films’ details secret and protect the fans from spoilers. According to Hamill, when there are rewrites, the studio will fly someone to him with new pages. This courier will then wait for him to read the script before taking it back. Once again, the scripts are on a dark red paper with black text making it impossible to be photocopied. Unlike other members of the cast who receive their script as a digital format, Hamill is allowed a physical script. He calls himself “old school” and likes to take “notes, little cartoon drawings in the margins to help me visualize it…whatever you have to do to help remember it.” When he had his Star Wars: The Last Jedi script, he had to lock it in a safe every night and always carry it, never letting it out of his sight. Talk about strict rules!

And finally, you thought you were past the Solo: Solo film, Solo jokes, but you ain’t getting off that easy. Sadly, we would like to give some good news about it, but again, it falls just short….of a deadline that is. The film’s score from John Powell with themes by John Williams was submitted to the Academy for a possible Oscar nomination. However, it did not even make it through the first round in which officials start with removing entries that do not qualify. Their reason for this Solo piece? It was submitted after the November 15th deadline. But don’t be sad, Crumbers. If you haven’t taken home your own copy of the Solo: Solo film, Solo, you can find it on Netflix next month.

That’s a wrap for this week. Look for us next week for the happenings around our favorite galaxy!

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