Recap: Vandal Savage Takes on the Heroes of ARROW & FLASH

Episode 408 “Legends of Yesterday” [Photos: Diyah Pera/The CW] We are just three months away from DC Entertainment’s eagerly anticipated

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Constantine Resurrects Trouble on ARROW

  Episode 405 “Haunted” [photos: Ed Araquel & Cate Cameron/The CW] Welcome to Arrow, John Constantine! We hope that you

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ARROW: Anarky Descends on Star City

  Episode 402 “The Candidate” [photos: Katie Yu & Cate Cameron/The CW] Last week, a new villain (Damien Dahrk) emerged

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ARROW Finally Goes Green for Season Four Opener

  Episode 401 “Green Arrow” [Photos: Dean Buscher /The CW] Arrow returned to the CW airwaves with a big bang!

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