Imaginary Mothers Never Let You Down on BATES MOTEL

BATES MOTEL begins its final season with Norman and Norma in a “Dark Paradise”, Romero in prison, and Dylan, Emma and their baby (!) safe in Seattle. How long with this happy state of affairs last?

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If David Cronenberg and TREMORS Had a Baby, They’d Name It LITTLE HEAVEN

With LITTLE HEAVEN, author Nick Cutter takes his splatterpunk-infused horror into a 1980’s Western U.S. haunted by an inhuman, almost indescribable evil.

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Are Reports of FANGORIA’s Demise (Greatly) Exaggerated?

In the space of about a week, the status of legendary horror magazine Fangoria has gone from “dead” to “mostly dead” to “kinda sorta dead.” Can the gateway magazine for a generation of horror fans survive into the digital age?

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BATES MOTEL Creates New Path to PSYCHO in Final Season

BATES MOTEL begins its fifth and final season with “Mother” – on ice and in Norman’s mind – driving events down new roads to a preordained conclusion.

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ROGUES GALLERY #45: Resurrections, Redemptions, and Fake Beards

The Rogues are back around the table to discuss the latest episodes of all the DC Comics shows, because they’re all back this week!

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All Hail the King (of Reality Horror TV) – Bruce Campbell!

Looks like the only realm left for Bruce Campbell to conquer is – reality TV. Horror fans will soon have the chance to compete in a “Horror House,” under the jutting chin of Groovy Bruce himself.

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