NIGHT VALE Brand Expands with Two New Shows

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Note: this article was also published on Contents May Vary.

And the expanding of the creative offerings from the creators of Night Vale continues.

On September 6, the Night Vale Presents Facebook page announced the addition of two new shows to their ever-expanding list of podcasts the network offers the discerning ear.

First up is I Only Listen to Mountain Goats, a collaboration with the band the Mountain Goats, releasing on September 28. Described as a podcast about “what it means to be an artist, what it means to be a fan, and what it means to be, as many people are, both at once”, the show is Joseph Fink interviewing the singer and songwriter John Darnielle. As someone who myself has had many a conversation interviewing creators about why they do what they do and how they do their stuff (and touched somewhat on those topics in my interview with Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink back in 2014), I am intrigued by the idea and look forward to the various cover songs the show promises. You can learn more about the show and hear a trailer for the podcast here.

Next is It Makes a Sound. Another serialized podcast for the podcast network, the Facebook announcement called it “an audio drama about memory, music, and the unique power of songwriting”. The show, which will be released on September 24, will be nine episodes and the official website has a more poetic introduction to the series. It stars Jacquelyn Landgraf, who also wrote and co-directed it. You can learn more about the show and hear a trailer for the podcast here.

These podcasts join the already strong podcasting network. There’s the newish podcast Conversations with People Who Hate Me, which premiered July 31. Dylan Marron (the voice of Carlos in Night Vale), spends the podcast having conversations with people who left negative messages about him online.

Additionally, there’s the fictional podcast about a a truck driver searching for her the wife she thought was dead, Alice Isn’t Dead, which ended its second season in August. On August 16 Fink announced that there will be a novel to be released in autumn 2018 and there is a television adaptation in development. He had also announced in a podcast that there will be a third season of the podcast, which will be its last.

Meanwhile, Within the Wires just started its second season and The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) did a tour this past summer. And, of course, Welcome to Night Vale is still going strong, and they are getting ready to do a book tour for their second book, It Devours!.

For more information on any of these podcasts, visit Night Vale Presents.

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