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The Muppets Revive PIGS IN SPACE


So, there’s a new version of a classic science fiction television series that was popular in the 1970s, which has a female lead and dangers both old and new.

No, I’m not talking Star Trek: Discovery, but rather the classic Muppet skit “Pigs in Space”.

Originally debuting in the second season of the classic The Muppet Show television show, the sketches were primarily intended as a parody of Star Trek, with additional nods to the space serials from the 1930s. Following the adventures of the ship USS Swinetrek, the cast/crew included Captain Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork, and of course the always excellent Miss Piggy as the first mate.

It became one of the more popular sketches of the TV show, and appeared in 32 episodes over the remaining four seasons of the show. In fact, the show was so popular, the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia were greeted by the Pigs in Space team twice (thanks, Muppet Wiki!). They apparently had a video game, an animated version, were revived as “Deep Dish Nine” on Muppets Tonight, and even had a comic book adaptation.

Earlier this month, The Muppets YouTube Channel (which, despite the cancellation of The Muppets on ABC, does continue putting up content) dropped a three minute video return of the crew after 20 years. With a joke toward Alien, the video was a fun return to the humor of the show.

However, it seemed like a one time thing. Like all the skits on The Muppet Show, there was no indication that anything more would come of the characters. However, on December 16, the channel dropped another video.

Will there be more? With the return of Star Wars and Star Trek to our media landscape, it’s a good bet the Muppets will have plenty to work with.

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Angie Fiedler Sutton

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