Toei Announces Global Virtual DRAGON BALL Fan Event

Last December, Dragon Ball fans were tasked with deciding which Dragon Ball Super (DBS) battle stood above the rest. The answers have been tallied, and the results are to be announced in March.

The event is to be streamed, and will be an hour long, counting down the top 10 best fights from DBS. Running this stream is Justin Rojas, a Toei Animation VP of Events, Lauren Moore, a Funimation Content Production Manager, and Ian Sinclair (Space Dandy in Space Dandy, Magna Swings in Black Clover, Gordeau in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle) a prominent voice actor that plays the angel Whis in DBS. The event info is as follows:

Dragon Ball Super: Battle of the Battles” Global Fan Event

Presented by:   Toei Animation and Funimation

Date:                  Saturday, March 27, 2021

Time:                  U.S.& Canada: 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern

International: 7 pm Mexico • 10 pm São Paulo • 2 am Paris (Sunday) •
12 pm Sydney (Sunday)

Duration:           1 hour

URL:                   Simulcast on Toei Animation’s Twitch channel and Funimation’s YouTube channel

Hosts:                 Justin Rojas (Toei Animation) and Lauren Moore (Funimation)

Special Guest:   Ian Sinclair (English voice of “Whis”)

Program:           Countdown of Top 10 greatest “Dragon Ball Super” fights featuring an English dub clip of each from the series along with commentary and reactions from the hosts as well as promotional giveaways throughout the event

Produced by Toei Animation and distributed in the West by Funimation, the hit anime Dragon Ball Super ran from July 2015 to March 2018. The series followed the continued adventures of Goku and his friends, as he sought to keep the Super Dragon Balls out of the hands of evil. The series was created by Akira Toriyama, the visionary behind DBS’s two prequel series’, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

The event is set to occur on March 27th, 2021.

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